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Create Your Free Online Anime Facemaker (Avatar) – Tutorial video and samples from deviantart

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Anime Facemaker

Anime Facemaker Interface

Manga, anime, jpop, kpop. Whatever and whichever you like, if you have a Facebook profile, chances are, you are going to go get yourself an avatar that rocks and describes best what you are all about. Searching and seething through the pages available on Facebook, I found this quite interesting feature today. It was actually out of curiosity what the little kids and teenagers out there love to do with their avatar on Facebook. I’ve seen some amazing effects and online websites providing free services of enhancement to a photo, personal, business or just for your social media profile and to my surprise, my daughter who is already in her debutante age at 17 and turning 18 this September 26, 2012 had some samples of anime face profile (avatar) on her account.

Some of them she drew while some were amazingly technically altered images of her. Edited using some interface I don’t know of until I asked her how and where she got to change how she looks putting makeup, lipstick, glitters and yes, even some sort of a basic photoshop to edit her photos and make it look neat, cute and sometimes, uniquely simple. I couldn’t even tell it if its edited or not, believe me.

Anime Face Maker Samples

Anime Face Maker Samples

I was amazed at how she did it and asked her if she could provide me some samples of how it could be done and what online websites or resources she could give me. I was in awe as in I wanted to make one for me so I asked her a favor to give me a resource on how to create a free online anime/avatar facemaker to use as my own profile picture and just for the sake of satisfying my curiosity. You know what she told me? “Mom, there’s a lot of em on the internet, all you have to do is to type in the right search words / keywords or search terms. She even told me to search for ‘anime face maker’ try adding up the word free.”

I did it, searched and found quite a few resources which I just shared here on this post to spice it up for little girls and boys out there who also wanted to put up their own version of an anime face using a video tutorial below.

Anime Facemaker Tutorial Video

You can actually use this resource as well as find other tutorials out there but believe me, Deviantart flash interface is the best for me so far. You can practice on your own and see if you could make up something that interests you by visiting the link I just posted above.

For those of you who want to put the finished product, you can try to watch a video I saw while searching online. This video below featured a simple guide on how to go over with the step by step process of putting the avatar (from the anime face maker website) in your personal profile on Facebook. I’m not so sure though if this could be done in Twitter but by simple terms, you can simply save the photo in jpeg format and upload it to your profile if you really want to have it there. Same thing goes for those of you who enjoy mingling with friend over in Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and more.

How To Save and Put your Anime Facemaker on Facebook

You can also try other search topics if you want like “avatar maker”, “cartoon face maker” or even search for help topics like how to make a cartoon of your picture or face. It really is all in the mind what you can and want to do with tweaks and twists using free resources online. If you are opted in to sign up for an account, then, by all means feel free to do so. After all, it takes just an email address, a username and password to have one. Have a nice day to all!

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