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BIR Forms (downloadable printable version)

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Here is our list of BIR forms download. You can find this list in the official website of Bureau of Internal Revenue at Choose which form you want to download using our list below before you visit the website to see their downloadable PDF forms.

Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines is serving the country with collecting taxes for the government through the different locations of BIR branches.


Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines Website

Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines Website Logo (logo credits to

BIR Forms:

  • 0605 – Payment Form
  • 1600 – Monthly Remittance Return of Value-Added Tax and Other Percentage Taxes Withheld (Under Ras 1051, 7649, 8241 and 8424)
  • 1600-WP – Remittance Return of Percentage Tax on Winnings and Prizes Withheld by Racetrack Operators
  • 1601-C – Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation
  • 1601-E – Monthly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded) [Except for transactions involving onerous transfer of real property classified as ordinary asset]
  • 1601-F – Monthly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld
  • 1602 – Quarterly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld on Interest Paid On Deposits And Yield On Deposit Substitutes/Trusts/Etc.
  • 1603 – Quarterly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld on Fringe Benefits Paid to Employees Other than Rank and File
  • 1604-CF – Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes
  • 1604-E – Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Tax
  • 1606 – Withholding Tax Remittance Return For Onerous Transfer of Real Property Other Than Capital Asset (Including Taxable and Exempt)
  • 1700 – Annual Income Tax Return For Individuals Earning Compensation Income (Including Non-Business/Non-Profession Related Income)
  • 1701 – Annual Income Tax Return For Self-Employed, Estates, and Trusts (Including those with both Business and Compensation Income)
  • 1701Q – Quarterly Income Tax Return For Self-Employed, Estates, and Trusts (Including those with both Business and Compensation Income)
  • 1701-AIF – Account Information Form For Self-Employed Individuals, Estates and Trusts (Engaged in Trade or Business)
  • 1702 – Annual Income Tax Return For Corporations and Partnerships
  • 1702Q – Quarterly Income Tax Return For Corporations and Partnerships
  • 1702-AIF – Account Information Form For Corporations and Partnerships in General
  • 1703 – Annual Income Information Return For Non-Resident Citizens/OCWs and Seamen (For Foreign-Sourced Income)
  • 1704 – Improperly Accumulated Earnings Tax Return (for domestic corporation)
  • 1706 – Capital Gains Tax Return For Onerous Transfer of Real Property Classified as Capital Asset (both Taxable and Exempt)
  • 1707 – Capital Gains Tax Return For Onerous Transfer of Shares of Stock Not Traded Through The Local Stock Exchange
  • 1707-A – Annual Capital Gains Tax Return For Onerous Transfer of Shares of Stock Not Traded Through The Local Stock Exchange
  • 1800 – Donor’s Tax Return
  • 1801 – Estate Tax Return
  • 1900 – Application for Authority to Use Computerized Accounting System or Components thereof/Loose-Leaf Books of Accounts
  • 1901 – Application for Registration For Self-Employed and Mixed Income Individuals, Estates and Trusts
  • 1902 – Application for Registration For Individuals Earning Purely Compensation Income, and Non-Resident Citizens/OCWs/Seamen Earning Purely Foreign-Sourced Income
  • 1903 – Application for Registration For Corporations/Partnerships (Taxable/Non-Taxable), Including GAIs and LGUs
  • 1904 – Application for Registration For One-time Taxpayer and Person Registering under E.O. 98 (Securing a TIN to be able to transact with any government office)
  • 1905 – Application for Registration Information Update – Replacement Copy of Certificate of Registration/Replacement of Copy of TIN Card/Cessation of Registration/Cancellation of TIN/Other Update of Registration Information
  • 1906 – Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices
  • 1907 – Application for Permit to Use Cash Register Machine/Point-of-Sale Machine
  • 1927 – Application for Joint Certification
  • 1928 – Application For Relief From Double Taxation
  • 2000 – Documentary Stamp Tax Declaration/Return
  • 2200-A – Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Products
  • 2200-AN – Excise Tax Return for Automobiles & Non-essentials
  • 2200-M – Excise Tax Return for Mineral Products
  • 2200-P – Excise Tax Return for Petroleum
  • 2200-T – Excise Tax Return for Tobacco Products
  • 2304 – Certificate of Income Payment Not Subject To Withholding Tax (Excluding Compensation Income)
  • 2305 – Certificate of Update of Exemption and of Employer’s and Employee’s Information
  • 2306 – Certificate of Final Income Tax Withheld
  • 2307 – Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source
  • 2316 – Employer’s Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld For Compensation Payment With or Without Tax Withheld
  • 2550M – Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration
  • 2550Q – Quarterly Value-Added Tax Return
  • 2551M – Monthly Percentage Tax Return (Except Transactions Involving Shares of Stock Listed and Traded Through the Local Stock Exchange, and Percentage Tax Payable Under Special Laws)
  • 2552 – Percentage Tax Return For Transactions Involving Shares of Stock Listed and Traded Through The Local Stock Exchange Or Through Initial and/or Secondary Public Offering
  • 2553 – Return of Percentage Tax Payable Under Special Laws
  • 2106-IT – VAP Availment Form Income Tax
  • 2106-VT – VAP Availment Form Value Added Tax
  • 2106-PT – VAP Availment Form Percentage Tax
  • 2106-WC – VAP Availment Form Withholding Tax-Compensation
  • 2106-WE – VAP Availment Form Expanded Withholding Tax
  • 2106-WF – VAP Availment Form Final Withholding Tax
  • 2106-DS – VAP` Availment Form Documentary Stamp Tax
  • 2106-IAE – VAP Availment Form Improperly Accumulated Earnings Tax
  • 2106-SL – VAP Availment Form Tax Under Special Laws
  • 2106-DN – VAP Availment Form Donor’s Tax
  • 2106-ES – VAP Availment Form Estate Tax
  • 2106-CS – VAP Availment Form Capital Gains Tax on Sales of Share of Stocks
  • 2106-CG – VAP Availment Form Capital Gains Tax on Real Property
  • 2106-WO – VAP Availment Form Withholding on Capital Gains Tax
  • 2106-X – VAP Availment Form Excise Tax
  • 0607 – VAP Payment Form
  • 0608 – Compromise Settlement Payment Form
  • 0611 VAAP TMS Users Guide – Voluntary Assessment and Abatement Program Payment Form VAAP Tracking and Monitoring System / VAAP TMS Users Guide
  • 0611-A – Payment Form (Under Third Party Information Program Covered by a Letter Notice)
  • 2111 IT – VAAP Application Form for Income Tax
  • 2111 V – VAAP Application Form for Value Added Tax
  • 2111 X – VAAP Application Form for Excise Tax
  • 2111 – Voluntary Assessment and Abatement Program Application Form
  • 2112 – Computation Sheet(Under Third Party Information Program Covered by a Letter Notice)

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47 Responses to “BIR Forms (downloadable printable version)”

  • junnel garcia says:

    i’m Junnel Garcia, i forgot my tin #! how will i know my tin #?

  • ermae besana says:

    hi to your good office,i forgot my tin number,please send it to my email thank you.

  • ermae besana says:

    kindly send my tax id number to my email cause i forgot it thank you


    hello bir office! i want to get my tin id.,thank you.,


    hello! i want to get my tin id in your good office!thank you

  • Analyn Balido Andal says:

    How can I have my tin number? It`s my first time here. Do I need to register first on your eTin before I will have this?Thank you.

  • Analyn Balido Andal says:

    Please e-mail my tin number if I had it already or if my registration on your etin is successful.

  • Josephus M. Gaspar says:

    pano po ba kumuha ng TIN #…. pwede po ba online? how/

  • Rose says:

    Hi please send to me my Tax Identification Number.. i forgot my number please send it to me ..

  • Rose says:

    paano ko malalaman ang TIN ko? kasi tumawag naman na ako sa pinaka hotline nan BIR ang sabi nila , wala daw silang makitang pangalan ko, tapos nagtry ako mag reg nan bago ang sabi “ou have a similar record in the BIR database which means that you may already have been previously registered with the BIR. Please call the BIR Contact Center at 981-8888 to verify this information. If you are not yet registered with the BIR, then proceed to your Revenue District Office for manual registration yan ang sinasabi paano ba ang gagawin ko? ang laki nan kinakaltas saken pero wala pa akong TIN?? i mean hindi ko alam asan ang numebr ko .. patulong naman ako please??

  • Rose says:

    paano ba ang gagawin ko?? tulungan nyo naman ako na madetect ko ang TIN ko.. kasi sabi wala daw akong record pero bakit nag apply ako nan bago may record na daw ako. help naman po ang laki nan kaltas saken sa TAX pero wala pa naman akong number..

  • mhean says:

    gud pm po! pwede ko po ba malaman ang tin no. ko po required po dito kasi sa work.. pwede po bang ie-mail sa e-mail add ko?…thanks and God bless!

  • John Anthony Mosuela says:

    I don’t know if I already have a tin number,. please help me..

  • irenea S. pelegrino says:

    i don’t know if i have my TIN number.. please send me an email… Thank you po…


    How i can print the bir form?it is a new site?

  • Marygor B. Sanchez says:

    gud pm po,,, pwede q po b everify qng mayrun na aqng TIN NO. need q lang po sa work q ngaun,, pls email u nlng po sa email add q f mayrun po,,, salamat,, god bless,,,

  • JAM says:

    anu dpt gawin sa isang company na halos 24 hrs pinagtatrabaho ang employee nila tapos ang salary hnd minimum …..

  • jona says:

    just want to ask do we have form 2303?thanks

  • lorraine lopez says:

    comment ko lang sa mga government employee like BIR public service po kayo kaya sana mag serve kayo sa mga tao na may ngiti at hindi mga naka simangot trabaho nyo yan,,kung gusto man nyong umuwi ng maaga dahi mag 5 pm na at tym to go home na gawin nyo gawain nyo kming mga mamayan ang nag papasweldo sa inyo kaya sana yung trabaho nyo gampanan nyong mabuti ,hindi nmn namin kasalanan kung di kayo maka uwi ng maaga,,mag resign na lang kayo kung gusto nyo umuwi ng maaga,,at wag nyo ibaling sa aming mga kumukuha ng tin number kayo magagalit,,may number kayong binibigay,,,kaso ang board ng timer nyo naka stock,at di gumagana,pag lumapit kaming at nag tanung nagagalit pa kayo,,kasalanan nyo hindi namin kasalanan yun asikasuhin nyo kaming mabuti dahil yun ang trabaho nyo,,ang ibigay ang magandang serbisyo sa publiko,,sa lahat ng BIR offices o kahit anung sangay ng gobyerno,,wag nyo ibunton sa aming mga mamamayan ang galit o inis nyo kung pagod kayo o gusto nyong umuwi ng maaga,,lalo na sa rocka village \bir offices ang suplada nyo at suplado mag tatanung lang mga galit na kayo lalo n kay JULIET BAYUMBONG ayusin nyo trabaho nyo,,akala nyo kung cnu kayo,ang layo ng pinanggagalingan namin makapag ayos lang at makakuha lang ng TIN ,tapos ang sasalubong p sa amin ay ang mga serbisyo nyong bulok,dapat hindi kayo sa gobyerno nag tatrabaho kung sana ang daming tao puno at siksikan dun kayo magalit pero wala namn iiln ilan tapos kami pag bubuntunan nyo ng galit at inis nyo,,mag resign na lang kayo lalo ka na Juliet bayumbong,,,ayusin nyo trabaho nyo at pakikitungo nyo sa publiko,,,,

    • Jorge Carino says:

      agree ako sa iyo dyan, marami ngang tauhan dyan sa BIR na inuuna pa ung sarili nilang interes lalo na dun sa pag kuha ng ATP, CMS,
      naghahanapbuhaay sila gamit ang opisina at oras na sana ay paglilingkod

  • Jorge Carino says:

    Gud day po..
    tanong ko lng po kung paano po ang proseso ngayon ng pag apply ng ATP

  • Jorge Carino says:

    gud day…
    nais ko lang pong ireklamo ung mga empleyado lalo na po ung mga naka pwesto sa CMS at pag papatatak ng resibo, masyado po silang mahigpit sa printer owner, pero po ung mga printer na me komisyon sila e napaluwag nila, kasi ung empleyado dyan e tumatanggap po sila ng nagpapagawa ng resibo tapos me kontak silang printer papagawa nila pero may porsyento sila, un po ang inuuna nila k, kung minsan pa nga po sila pa ang nag aayos ng papel para lng madali, kahit nauna kami un pa rin po ang uunahin nila, palighasa kumikita sila don, pag magppa CMS sndali lng ayos agad pero pag kami nakupo papahirapan muna kami, pinababalik balik pa kami, tanong ko lang po sa mga nakakataas na pwesto jan sa BIR may basbas nyo po ba ung mga emlpeyado na tumanggap ng trabaho o nagpapagawa ng resibo tapos ipapasa nila sa mga printer na kontak nila.
    kung minsan po tinatakot pa nila ung mga bago pa lng magpapagawa ng mga invoice o OR para sa kanila nlng magpagaw, pwede po bang gamitin nila ung opisina ng Bir para sa pakkipag negosasyon nila sa mga tax payer para sa sarili nilang interes o par kumita, wala po sanang masama don e kaya lng pag sa ibang printer sila ngpagawa e napaka hirap ng inaabot pati ung printer, sana maging parehas naman sila parehas naman na gustong kumita,


    hello bir

  • raffy padan says:

    to the good office,
    good day!
    start po ng mag implement ng Esub ang inyong opisina hirap na po akong makapag bayad ng 1601E sa mga bangkong accredited ninyo. Sa halip na 100 pesos lang ang monthly na babayaran eh nag 300 na dahil sa penalty.
    hindi na man po big time business ang negosyo ko para magreklamo ako ng mga bayarin na pinpapataw ng inyong kagawaran,sana naman po magkaroon din konsiderasyon sa mga kagaya ko na nag babayad on time.Sana yung Esub ay ipapasubmit lamang sa mga taong lagpas na sa due date ang pagbayad…sana po bigyan ng pansin din ang mga ganitong problema.Salamat po.

  • gene barte says:

    to :BIR;

    Masyado po ata pinaphirap ang pagfile ng Monthly percentage Tax using internet instead un pagfile personnally s Bir ofis mismo. Sbi s Batangas BIR nagsadya po ako khapon dun d n daw pd iflle dun un form n given nila n manual fillup?? Thru internet n lang dw pagfile? is this true po? Pano un mga simpleng tao o seniors n d teki o walang computers s bhay o internet? D din po inform mga tao about this.. masyado po pnaphirap s pangkaraniwang tao ang pagfi file..Ano po b tlaga ang procedure nio? Thanks po. sana masolutionan po eto.

  • aihna salazar says:

    bakit naman nag implement kayo ng bagong form tapos walang maibibigay ang lahat ng sangay ng bir. nagbabayad nga ng maayos tapos pahihirapan ninyo? sana bago kayo mag implement ipgbigay alam sa mga taong bayan na nagbabayad ng maayos. magbigay sana kayo ng dalawang buwan para hindi naman kami mahirapan. sana pag aralan muna ninyo ang mga gaya nito na halos walang nakakaalam.

  • Cristy Cequena says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    Nais ko lang po iparating sa inyo na nagalit po ang nanay ko kahapon, nakapila sila sa pagsubmit ng 2551M para sa percentage Tax, sa kasalukuyan may dala po sila ng mga requirements na NO PERATION, unfortunately ndi dila na entertain dahil 5:00pm na raw, ang pagkakaalam ko kahit na mahaba ang pila ay pipilitin na tapusin dahil deadline ng submission ay kahapon. Naawa ako sa nanay ko dahil isinama lang siya, ang nanay ko po ay senior citizen bakit ndi nila inasikaso. Paano po ba iyan, e deadline na at pinauwi sila kahapon ng hindi na-receive ang form. By the way RDO po ng Binan Laguna sa may Olivares.

    Hope you could do something about this complain.

    Maraming Salamat.

  • Mariam says:

    Where can I find Form 2303. I am an artist and the network which I am sometimes working for reqired From 2303. Thank you

  • ana macatangay says:

    grabe na talaga ang bir,,,grabe to the max,,,mantakin mo regular payment ,,,ka at makakita lang sila sau ng kahit konti violation,,,,grabe laki ng penalty di ba kau naaawa sa mga katulad namin maliliit na magtiinda,,,,wala ng maipuhunan pagmumultahin pa ninyo ,,,,wala lang address ung resibo,,,grabe na kau di na kau nakakatulong sa maliliit ,,,nakkaperwisyo na ,,, nagbabayad naman kami ng buwis kahit di kami maxado kumikita,,,bilang pagsunod sa inyo,,,,grabe talaga,,,,

  • Aiza Masacayan says:

    hi. Ask k lng po kung pnu download ung form ng 1601e na form. Hndi po mkapgsubmit ng bir ung tatay ko ksi sa daw kelangn sa computer na sasagutan at pprint n dn. d b mxado po mgastos at mtrbho lalo n sa ktulad nmin ng computer illeterate.

  • Noralyn Lucena says:

    It’s hard for me to find the forms every time to make filling , how can I, download the forms so that , it’s easy for me to fill up the forms.
    Thank you

  • venus says:

    ask ko lang po. may mga printable versions po kayo dito free download pero bakit po sabi ng iba hindi na daw po ito tinatanggap gaya po ng 0605 revised 1999. sabi po nila revised 2003 na daw po ang tinatanggap.
    pwede pa po bang ipasa ang 0605 revised 1999? kasi yun naman po ang nasa official website nyo.

  • roberto vasallo says:

    magfifile ako ng annua sabi ng taga bir 052 luma na raw yung form na ginamit ko.sabi ko bakit magiging
    luma e ito yung form dun sa alphalist program na download ko last year.sagot niya e luma na nga iyon.dun daw ako pumunta sa downloaded bir form website,nang pumunta namam ako dun ang dinisplay ng website nyo ay ganun din na form,1604E at 1604-CF wala naman na nabago.Anong bago ang sinasabi ng taga rdo052.baka naman di updated ang website nyo.Help us please,nag cocomply ka na nga ng maaga tapos ma rered tape ka. paano ba yan.

  • joel mon says:

    pls advise me how to download BIR form 2551M

  • Sarah Moriones says:

    Good Day! I just want to ask if How to download the BIR Forms 1601-E & 1604-E

  • Sarah Moriones says:

    Good Day! I just want to ask if how to download the BIR Form 1601-E & 1604-E.

    Thank You.

  • Corazon Lim says:

    I need to file my income tax return and file 2551M. How do I download?

  • jeramel robi says:

    san k mkukuha o maprprint ung tin number ko taga taytay ak pwd b s pamamagtan ng computer

  • orly fejs says:

    ask ko lang kung paano mg download ng 2551 M/1701/11701-Q/1601e & 1601 c.



  • imelda says:

    pls help me download 1706 and 2000 -ot thanks

  • ronni calata says:

    hi paano po mag online para mabayaran ko ang monthly tax ko form bir 2551M plz send me to my email..

  • ronniecalata says:

    Dear maam/sir

    Good Day.. pwdi po magtanong paano po mag online para mabayaran ko ang monthly tax ko,plz send me to my email..,,paano po mag online para mabayaran ko ang monthly tax ko,,,

  • margie castro says:

    gud am … ask ko lang po kailangan pa bang magregister sa online ang mga homeowners association.. halos buong madaling araw ako nagreregister di pumapasok .. please reply tnx.

  • margie castro says:

    nagcreate na ako ng email para sa hoa namin nakarating na ako sa 3rd step mali daw un branch code/tin number di ko makita please reply at pakituruan kami kung papano.. tnx.

  • Lita Avila says:

    sana po yung link nyo sa taas ay gumagana at ang site na ito ay ginagamit naman talaga, maraming tao ang gustong magbayad kasi nasa batas yun pero lalo lang silang mahihirapan magfile dahil sa kung ano-anung palabok nyo.
    sana magawan ng sosulsyon to, hindi naman kasi lahat ng nandito sa bansa natin ay gumagamit at nakakagamit ng computer, well marunong nga ako gumamit pero pano na lang yung iba
    tulad nagyon, alam ko magdownload pero san ko kukunin yun..
    sana gawan nyo agad ng paraan to, magtataas kayo ng tax tapos hindi nyo pa bayaran tong kakulangan ng site nyo, maraming nagkalat sa bansa na makakapagsa ayos nito
    matuto lang sana kayong makiramdam sa ibang tao
    pagpalain sana kayo

  • Michelle Ramos says:

    Please teach me how to download the bir form 2550m.tnx.

  • junnet says:

    HI good Day…paano mag download ng payment form 0605 for business renewal o paano mag-aaply tru enternet…Thanks!

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