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70 Best Custom Premium WordPress Themes Download Collection vs Free

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Wordpress Themes DownloadStill hanging around looking for and searching where to download some of the best free premium wordpress themes to use in your blog? Do you really expect to get the most out of what you want which is that customizable template that fit according to your desires? If you are, then you are completely living in oblivion and if you ask me why, I’d like to tell you this. Based from my experience for over 7 years in the internet and online life blogging and writing for clients or for SEO / personal purposes, yes, I can tell it to you straight, you may find compelling premium wordpress themes and templates to download out there. But what’s striking about these said “FREE DOWNLOADS” is that they don’t come with the customization that you are looking for in a theme. (photo crdits to

Now, if you are monetizing your blog either via affiliate selling, ecommerce store or personal / niche blogging via Google Adsense, then you must be in the wrong backyard. There is no custom theme or free template out there (in my experience) that comes with free support, upgrades and customizations online today based from my almost 8 years experience blogging and earning from Google Adsense and affiliates. If you really want improve earnings and boost up your sales, you have to think of other options other than free themes you can customize today but will be outdated and unsupported on wordpress updates tomorrow. Chances are, by upgrading alone your plugins and extensions, you will have error pages. There are event times you will completely ruin your WP installation simply by downloading the wrong, unsupported and unupgraded theme or template so why waste your time with such?

If you really want to earn it clean, you have to come up clean and with blogging for as long as you are using WordPress as your content management system or blogging platform, it is always best to go get yourself a membership slot from premium wordpress themes providers. As an initial tip however, I’d like to tell it to you straight, it took me almost 2 weeks trying to see which service fits best reading premium wordpress themes provider reviews here and there. I’ve searched almost every keyword trying to find one that isn’t of a smorgasboard option that could just take you to oblivion in choosing the right theme. I finally found one listed below in the link.

70 Best Premium Customizable WordPress Themes Collection

Premium WordPress Themes Download
With that link above (or by clicking the photo), I can assure you the options and choices are almost limitless. You can even find endless resource for your Photoshop files to use in customizing your theme / template anytime you want. Wait, and there’s even more from in there. Aside from the files you can use for designing a completely custom wordpress site / blog, you will be given options never offered elsewhere – ePanel user control where you can come up with a large list of custom color options, controls, your own ecommerce theme, classifieds theme, web directory, mobile theme all in one and more.

In fact as I write this post after signing up with this membership, my team is already on their way to implement our premium theme download and implement the customizations that I wanted implemented for testing on my sites and blogs network. Mind you, if you are after making your own classifieds website using WordPress as CMS, they just have an awesome choice of Classifieds and eCommerce theme for you. All you have to do is to work in your imagination and customizations are on the way via easy to understand and no-programming skills needed theme, best of all, what’s really exciting with the premium themes on their backyard is that they have a completely excellent support and service to their members and clients. To understand more about this blogging open source, read WordPress Wiki. Remember, your choice of theme matters. In my own experience, I was able to increase Google Adsense earnings simply be incorporating and using one of the themes I found below.

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