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Fully Booked Bookstore in Serendra

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It was such a great time being here in Fully Booked Bookstore today with Penny. Another experience that I surely am going to add up to that life full of fun and laughter. We had banana something with caramel, some sort of creamy icing and graham crackers.

There’s a whole lot of experience seemingly waiting for me today here at Fully Booked near Serendra in The Fort and yet I feel like somebody new again. Could be a different me waiting yet to be revealed by this friend. Pen, thanks for this one.

Well, time to go on and write probably just another short nothing in this blog. Just want to say thank you. Chiao bella.

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4 Responses to “Fully Booked Bookstore in Serendra”

  • Penny Lao says:

    My pleasure to have converted this HOMEBOY to a certified PALABOY! Let’s explore some more!

  • vera jasmin jacalan sala says:

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  • vera jasmin jacalan sala says:

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