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Google Filters are Up Front

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Yes, the Google filters seem very strict these days as I experienced so many changes while blogging and promoting all the posts that I make all the time. Just this afternoon, however, some posts that I made before which I also promoted via building more links to them all of a sudden lost their rankings but this is just some sort of filter triggered when something goes wrong with promoting a blog I guess and sooner or later, all of them will be back.

The same situation happened to another blog last year and I am glad that it has recovered after about 2 consecutive weeks of more promotion and writing in that blog. Sorry for I cannot confirm here the blog that I also write on that seemed to have also been slapped by the Google filters. Now, for those who are also in to blogging and might find this post, I would just like this post to serve as a warning that the Google is out there and it’s either you really make such good posts an d content and promote those posts linking the right way or you loose your rankings including PR all of a sudden. It happened once last year to a blogspot I owned with a PR 3 and I lost it all of a suddent even without a PR update by Google and it was able to recover in a week or so after constantly writing on that blogspot.

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