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How to embed video playlist in your blog

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I’ve gone through internet and thoroughly searched all over because today, I wanted to find out an information regarding making a video playlist and if there is a possibility that I could possibly embed the same playlist video to my blog. If I remember it right, a couple of years ago, I was surprised to find out that a video embedding code I got from YouTube was actually part of a code that points to a list of series of videos, a playlist to be exact and upon playing the said short clip I found out that it actually does not stop to a point after the video, instead, it goes on and on until the playlist to which the video I uploaded on my blog plays all on the list.

This past experience was the one that made me think that it is possible although I must admit it was a blind and accidental act from the past as I’ve stated above. Tonight, in my mission to embed a playlist code, the search result using Google Philippines Search led me to a list of helptips from YouTube itself where I found a way to easily embed a playlist instead of just a single video so I won’t need to embed a series of codes, instead, just one embedding code and the video will automatically play one after the other. The purpose of which is to play all the replay videos to CJ Corona impeachment trial verdict today, May 29, 2012. See the full guide below take from YouTube.Com.

How To Add Video Playlist on Your Blog (source: link above)

To show a selection of videos that is easily editable, embed a playlist. When you update the playlist on YouTube, the playlist on your site will update as well. This is a good way of creating longer stories through a series of videos, or simply giving your readers more pre-selected content to watch.

  • To create a playlist, go to the My Playlists page, click ‘Create a Playlist’ and fill out the information.
  • As you find videos you like on YouTube, click ‘Add to Playlist’ under the player to add them to your list. You can change the order of the videos in your playlist by returning to the ‘My Playlist’ page.
  • The easiest way to embed a playlist is to create a custom player. Go to your YouTube account and click “Custom Video Players”, then “Create Custom Player”. Select a color and format for your player, and then choose what is going to play in it – you can choose a playlist, your own uploaded content, or your favorites – and then click the “Generate Code” button.
  • Copy and paste the code into your blog entry or web page, just as you did with the embedded video above.

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