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iBlog: 7th Philippine Blogging Summit

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I was not aware and it’s been 3 years now that I have resigned from work at the amusement. I’ve always loved blogging and it has become our family’s bread and butter but can I do? Trying to break in the Philippine blogging industry, I tried once to tap into some blogging contest of mom blogger and today, although a Sunday, I suddenly found myself trying to look for more information on what’s up and running in the blogging community in the Philippines.

My search led me to Top Blogs.Com.Ph, a Pinoy blogger’s directory and it was nice to have arrived there. It helped me add up what up and good with respect to SEO blogging which very few had the chance to expound for so many years now. Very few would actually indulge in giving free information on how to make money online via SEO blogging. All of them, the bloggers in the Philippines would say Make Money Online via blogging. I was surprised simply because SEO combined with bloggin will always yield top notch high end earnings. I don’t know if many of the probloggers in the Philippines as they claim to earn money from blogging understand or to the least know how to use even just the basic SEO knowledge with problogging.

I am a SEO blogger, not just a blogger and I earn from it and today I felt sad that again, I failed at registering and learning that there will be an upcoming big event in the blogging community in the Philippines titled iBlog 7th Philippine Blogging Summit. I wanted so desperately to get in but clicking on the registration had me grinning to myself after finding that the slots of 600 registrants is over and full. I had none to fill up. Anyway, since this is a free for all event, I guess I’ll just try my luck there, probably bring my car earlier to University of the Philippines.

For those who are looking for information regarding this event, here are the specifics of the 7th Philippine blogging summit by iBlog:

WHAT: iBlog:The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit
WHERE: Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City
WHEN: April 1-2, 2011

To register (although slots were already filled, you may go here.

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