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Launching Blog Contests in the Philippines

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Launching blog contests (like Pinoy Money Talk) in the Philippines are fast becoming a very popular way to increase traffic, visitors and subscribers for many bloggers today. This is true not only in the Philippines but also to all parts of the world. first time that I heard about this is in the shoemoney blog where the bald dotcom mogul dared (not invited) bloggers and SEOs to come to his blog and see what significant SEO techniques anybody can do to beat him with his keyword shoemoney in Google.

Here in the Philippines, it was Marhgil Macuha who dared bloggers this time to take part in his blog posting contest and take over the second rank in Google to topple him with his keywords. Since this, others have followed and more and more of the Pinoy Blogosphere is looking forward to launch their own contest and see what they can do to get more traffic and visitors for potential subscribers to their blog/s.

Blogging indeed have become a very interesting way to get more attention from other bloggers of the same interests or even other varying interests. It has once again been proven to be one of the most effective ways to gain traffic and subscribers for more effective make money online schemes.

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