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Looking Forward to Make My Tech Blogging e-Book

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There are literally millions of bloggers out there who love blogging and for some reason, some of them or most make money out of their passion for blogging. Some have been transformed from the standard blogger into and e-Bay selling machine while some prefer Amazon. I for one started in tech blogging back in 2004 with my first ever blog discussing SEO in the Philippines and the rest is history to date.

We all know and feel the economic crisis is just beside us everywhere we go. I also know that blogging saved me and my family’s life even to this day but It didn’t occur to me to get so hooked up on this and get to resign from a regular work in the amusement and a hotel. Experience is all that told me I can make it best here and I want to call it tech blogging.

Here we see things differently but do it the right way because many tech bloggers tend to make the same mistake I did a few years back. One hindrance however is the fact that it is easy to get outdated with what the different blogging platforms offer. For example, this very blog is even nursing an outdated template back a few years back and I haven’t had the time to change it since having to take care first of the 50 or so more blogs that are all regulars and not automation.

Anyway, dating back and up to this day, I have always wanted to make an e-Book for myself and for some reasons I always think it would help a lot of people in the industry understand more about how to maximize earnings in their blogs. Many great blogs don’t know about the potentials and the fact that they are just there and some might even know it, there are procedures, methods and guides so basic that even your high school kid can do to tweak a blog and earn more than what you used to.

I plan to make this e-book soon and I plan to discuss all about the past experiences I have been through and it will include some of the results of past blogging experiments that I have done to arrive at being one of the best tech blogger here in my country. Overall, I may not be the best but I can assure you that if I make this e-book and you see the tip and tweaks in multiple variations that you would want to agree in a lot of terms I will be discussing there.  I haven’t seen one good tech blogging e-book my whole 6 years in the internet and I think this is the time. SOON.

2 Responses to “Looking Forward to Make My Tech Blogging e-Book”

  • Jack Clarke says:

    Good luck on your ebook, tech blogging is a field that is growing. Do you maintain over 50 blogs? That must be very time consuming.

  • Philippines Internet Review says:

    Hello Jack,

    Thanks you for bidding me goodluck and I wish the same with your great blog. Yours is one of the very few comments that I allow a link from because I have seen you have a good blog.

    Indeed it is very time consuming so I am letting the others go as this is the one I love the most.

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