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Minimalist WP Theme for Crawlability

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All minimalist themes for WordPress are good and I bet that this is true not just because of the easy use and usability features that these types of themes are made of but also because I found out that they are really great for crawlability. Of course we all have our own preferences with themes but for me, it is the best choice.

The theme of this blog is not as good as it is but I am looking in to change this some time while the search engines still love simple themes without much of the plug-ins. Mind you however that if you have a minimalist WP theme for your blog, you have to lessen the plug-ins that you will put up for your blog because it adds up in bulking up your blog’s load.

Blogging today is not just all about themes and writing, it has also become a venue for earning a significant amount of income so it is very important to take in these few considerations just to maximize everything. Remember that the less plug-ins you have and the less load your blog has, the quicker it will load up and become available to people browsing over to your site so it is just right to consider thinking of changing into a minimalist WP theme with little or no plug-in installed.

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