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Takipsilim TV Series – Twilight Movie Infringement Bait to Fool the Public

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I took a short research about Takipsilim Movie or TV Series, the supposedly Tagalog version of the English movie Twilight today and I found out that someone has actually made some article over in Wikipedia bragging about the TV series allegedly an upcoming drama series by ABS-CBN. I say those links used to lure and deceive the expecting public can clearly be found in Wikipedia will be a clear lead to interests and can be used to pin down the culprit if this case worsens and proves to be false and misleading.

Those links cannot appear there if nobody put them there and no one will ever place those links if there is no intent by the responsible parties. This to some may be a good bait but to people like me who knows how the internet and showbiz in the Philippines work, this is a big false BAIT  with a lot of loopholes. This is a desperate move to take in the people’s consent and lure them to go sign up with some e-mail alerts and pin them using some pitch to see if the idea will be bought by the viewing public.

This is cheap effort and what exact pricing could ever be desperately provided for this original movie with a $ 1 million alleged buying price for the rights. C’mon, Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat grossed 57 million pesos all over the Philippines paying in theaters by viewing public and you think that producers will be willing to buy a right for Twilight Movie for 46 Million pesos just to have it here as a TV series? I say no, but maybe, just maybe, a Pinoy movie is worth a try. Is this logical? And who are those responsible for this to think that the rightful owner of the Twilight Movie will sell the whole series for that price even if the other sequels aren’t yet shown?

With some original movie that has not yet seen the other remaining 3 sequels to the Twilight Saga and has earned literally more than $ 70 million of dollars (Twilight: $70,553,000 from Yahoo Answers) in theaters in the U.S. alone, not to mention about the other worldwide theaters that also showed the movie to the viewing public, this hoax of the Takipsilim tv series Tagalog version of Twilight Movie is some cheap move to fool the people who liked and loved the movie so much here in the Philippines.

I am not saying that I know everything about the internet but what I am saying is that those who are responsible for this false alarm and false claims can be seriously in to something. The intent to fool the public is clear and the tools used reveal it. Using or imitating the looks and image and characters which by the way are all under copyright earlier than a rumor of rights being bought at $ 1 million can be easily pinned down into really serious trouble of millions more worth of dollars for copyright case. STOP IT!

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8 Responses to “Takipsilim TV Series – Twilight Movie Infringement Bait to Fool the Public”

  • fjordz says:

    ang hindi pa rin nalilinaw sa akin hanggang ngayon ay ang mismong ABS-CBNNews Online na article na napublished tapos ngayon ay wala na.. so ibig sabihin, bahagi ang ABS-CBN sa panloloko na yan.. so bakit nila kailangan gawin yan???

  • sam says:

    Mabasa ko nga ang article mo dude. TIPian ka pala. ako naman TUPian. Ang masasabi ko lang, matalas talaga ang mga tulad nating galing sa state U. Mabauhay ka sa iyong pananaw and one thing good is may proof kasi na may binurang article sa mismong ABS-CBN site so maaaring may katawan ang tanong mo at nakita ko din ang mismong artikulo sa Wikipedia. Nakakahiya ito para sa isang malaking network upang manloko ng mga tao – magenerate ng maling information using online authority resources at sana ay hindi totoo dahil malaki ang mawawala sa usapin ng tiwala sa media lalu na sa ABS-CBN sa ganitong maling move. Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking BLAG.

  • visitor_signpeace says:

    I don’t read the book., I haven’t watched the film., I’m not saying that the remake will be a disaster., I’m not kapuso neither kapamilya., I’m a PROUD FILIPINO.,

    I read all of your comments., and I agreed with all of you., I hated the remake in some ways., and I also liked it in the other way.,

    I know that Filipinos are very talented so I don’t have any doubts why the filming staff of the original twilight gave the rights to the filipinos., I believe in the capacity of the unofficial cast, because they won’t stay in this business (show business) if they don’t have the staying power, or the should I say the TALENT rather.,

    We can prove to the foreigners that we are talented enough to be as good as them., but not by getting their ideas., not by let’s say it, copying ideas., remaking., hello! We have talents! GREAT TALENTS! We can make better stories than that of twilight! So why remaking it? We can be better in our own and original ways.,

    One more thing., why are we comparing ourselves to foreigners? Each individual is unique, everyone has their standards of what is good or not., remember: as long as we did our best, as long as we didn’t hurt others, as long as we stay humble and faithful, WE ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST., we cannot please everybody.!

    It’s up to us if we will support something we like or we hate.,

    You had made a lot of great tv series. I agree on that. You have SKILLFUL writers, SKILLFUL directors, and TALENTED artists., prove us that you can be the best in a good way, in an original way, in the best way you can., USE your resources, your writers, your artists, your directors, I KNOW that THEY HAVE THE GUTS., use them, use their ideas, not the ideas of others.,

    You have your points., you’re right, but we have nothing to do with it, it’s their decision., but don’t worry, YOU HAVE YOUR JUDGMENT.,

    You have your points., you’re right, but you cannot blame the remake haters., after all, we have all our points,

    don’t mind the remake., focus in the REAL THING., on the REAL WORLD., don’t be angry to each other., because we are all FILIPINOS., ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE., FILIPINOS ARE SO GREAT., USE THE TALENTS.,


    “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and LEAVE A TRAIL.”

    – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  • Takipsilim Hater says:

    OMG… ABS-CBN doesn’t have originality… make your own movie… i mean your special effects doesn’t even look good… i mean look at Dyosa and all the other series you made… gross!!

  • Takipsilim Hater says:

    No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… No to Takipsilim… We need to!!

  • Winwab says:

    Make your own movie!!! For race sake, ABS-CBN pls have some originality

  • Yonis Khan says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  • alyzza says:

    wow, dont try to make fool of us whover is saying that there”s a filipino version of twilight. even if philiippines make that.. the’re being not smart. stephanie meyer have been hearing this. i am sure she wont agree with it..i am a filipino but realy philippines copies everything and also translate it to tagalog..

    no offense sa mga pilipinong katulad ko.. comment lang ito

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