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Themed Web Blogger Templates for Blogs

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Link building is a very vague issue when we are talking about templates giving links to your desired webpage. In the early days of the template making for link building, webmasters would rely on templates for general topics and some would go for templates for the trendy and hip theme designs which are the types that are most grabbed today. For example, if the latest movie is spiderman, then web template makers for blogs would design their templates based on these themes. Allow me to call them trendy and hip themes.

So we are in the trendy and hip web templates for blogs. What does this mean? Simple, if these themes run out of their hip era, where do you think would they end up in? That’s exactly the point. Having themes designed for the sake that they will be grabbed for a short period of time is not the best choice that you can make to design a web template for blogs. As a tip, you have another good option where you can maybe design a web template that is more general in theme but is optimized for the most common use of the bloggers out there.

So this might not be the best tip of the day for those web template makers out there but so far, this can be a good start to stay away from designing trendy and hip web templates for blogs. They are not intended for a long use.

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