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Ugly YuBin Twitter Account Gone

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After the alleged Korean, YuBin Twitter account threw offensive remarks against Filipinos, calling them (including me) monkeys in her account, there were outpour of searches and tweets condemning YuBin on Twitter. Unluckily, even I thought of seeking that account to see what’s cooking in her shouts but found none today.

There were rumors and unconfirmed allegations that the YuBin Twitter account and her tweets have been already removed and the account closed. I tried to seek for some related posts, shouts and tweets but so far, all I found were tweets coming from angry Filipinos from all over the World trying to probably seek release of angst against the ugly soul remarks of YuBin.

Below is the screenshot of the expressions of Filipinos from around the world saying how and what they feel about the very offensive shout of the alleged Korean to Filipinos in general. I also have the actual screenshot of the actual YuBin Tweet on Pinoys.

Tweeter Tweet of Pinoy on Ugly YouBin

Tweeter Tweet of Pinoy on Ugly YouBin

24 Responses to “Ugly YuBin Twitter Account Gone”

  • burgeronimo says:

    i have a screen cap of uglyyubin’s tweets and her friends too if u want. i could send them to you if you’re interested.

  • Ryu No Oni says:

    No. I believe her UglyYuBin is now YuBinRapper (

  • nobodybutshit says:

    Yubin ur also a monkey who cannot speak fluet english you have to thank philippines bcoz most Koreans Study and live here…instead of studying theie not here…i hope the embassy will not allow koreans like you to go here in the philippines

  • Sponge_Bob_OceanCItyMD says:

    hmmm who needs koreans anyway? Bomb that ***kin country… lolz.. really who needs’em?

  • Sponge_Bob_OceanCItyMD says:

    ***kin’ korean idiots, if it were’nt for the US you’d be kissing as* of your N korean president, either you kiss our as* or you kiss kim jong il’s as*.. which one would u prefer? lol.. another dumbf***enigno**nt korean trying to be western

  • Kim says:

    Hello, I’m a Korean.
    I must say to filipino.
    I think that twitter author is NOT Korean, Anti-Korean Japanese.
    ‘Kim Yubin’ is famous Korean singer.

    if he/she is really Korean, why he hate Korean, and named as “ugly”?

    he/she is NOT a Korean, he/she is a Japanese who pretend to Korean.
    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.

    Obviously, twitter author is NOT Korean, author is a Japanese who pretend to ugly Korean, and who want spread anti korea sentiment to world.

    We love filipino. So, don’t fall dirty Japanese trap.

    All people. Most of the nastiest posters here are Japanese pretending to be various different nationalities. Remember that. Japanese are the worse scums of the earth. We hate their guts too.

    Think about it.

    According to common sense,
    if you are filipino, you want filipino singer name as “ugly”?

    if you are filipino, you want post “ugly” image of filipino singer?

    if you are filipino, you want post “i am a filipino, I want xxxx country person are die” write racist and dirty comment to other foreigner?

    All of This made by Anti-Korea Japanese troll.

    And, Korean don’t have ANY single antagonism to filipino.
    Why Korean write such comments? Any reason? Absolutely Nothing.

    Only Japanese racist troll who pretend to Korean, want made this trouble.

    I’m a Korean, if he/she is a real Korean, We 100% apology to filipino.

    But, I really really think that author is NOT Korean. Most Korean don’t act like that.

    This is made by Anti-Korea Japanese racist troll who pretend to Korean.

    We love filipino.

    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.

  • FJCastro says:

    I’ve been working for Koreans for decades now and I couldn’t say anything that would change my mind about them.

    i dealt with literally hundreds of koreans and not even one of them would give the least respect to anyone… not even to people of other nationalities.

    please don’t get me wrong… i’m not posting this message out of hate, prejudice or bias but i am just trying to educate the general public of my personal experiences.


    and i hope none of you would have to go through the harrowing experiences that i’ve been through.


    1. when a korean says something nice about a person… others (and that would be koreans) would say “welcome to korea”. this is what they commonly know as “lip-service”. this is just a way of buttering up another person to get what they want.

    2. the word “shibal” or “shippal” (when you pronounce it) is the common word that they’d use for me when I wouldn’t be able to approve their wants. some koreans would
    say it’s just a common expression of disappointment and filipinos should not fret about it.

    i can speak hanggul (or korean language) and i could say that shibal is the worst insult that they could throw at your face.

    that is… aside from

    dju-gu le? (do you want to die?)
    geseki (son of a bitch)
    nung-kara ish! (literally: look down, asshole) (contextually: i’m more superior than you, asshole)
    aish! (fuck, shit)
    chul-so! (gay! or person with undeveloped genitals!)
    babbo ya! (stupid person!)
    michin-nom (crazy person) (koreans find this really rude)

    and many more…

    3. they always brag about being the most disciplined people in the world. as a filipino… we should not question that or assert any form of national pride. this

    just gets time riled up whenever i mention about milestones in history that filipinos took part of.

    one korean staff even told me “go home… arrogant monkey… you… no money… but you act power… power… shibal! here… (pointing around him)… i am king”. this incident happened just a few days ago when we saw manny pacquiao’s shampoo commercial.

    4. when koreans show their empty shot glass at you, we should automatically bow and pour soju (with two hands on the bottle to show respect) into their empty shot glass. i heard from one korean that only younger people should do this gesture. but imagine koreans in their early 20’s doing that with me about to celebrate my 40th birthday.

    5. philippine holidays is nothing more than a nuisance for koreans because they pay money to be here.

    christmas should not be celebrated because there is no snow in the philippines and christmas is only for couples. (that’s because christmas in korea is a day when couples make out in hotels and not the blessed season that we look forward to).

    christian holidays (like solemnities and such) and also muslim holidays (like the Eid ul-Fitr) is nothing more than waste of time and should not be celebrated nor tolerated… as said by my manager Mr. Kim. for him religion is nothing because he
    himself does not believe in God. (N.B. two days prior to this writing… he stormed the baptist church beside our building for “making too much noise” during their sunday service)

    6. if it’s not korean food or food that tastes similar to their food, it doesn’t taste good. i don’t try to argue when it comes to food nor can i complain about the same kind of food that they serve me because i couldn’t afford eating out at my
    favorite jollibee store. i just don’t have enough time (20 minute lunch break) and money so i have to be thankful for the leftovers they give me after their 2 hour
    lunch (with the bar girls they picked up).

    7. getting sick is a strict no-no for koreans. i recently finished having the flu for more than two weeks, but during those two weeks, i was not allowed to take a leave of absence from my job. and to cap it off… some of the korean staff asked me “why? you want more money? why you want sick? babbo ya (stupid person)”

    8. being late is a capital offense. as much as possible you should be at your work station at least 15 minutes before the actual start of work. if your boss arrives ahead of you (even though it’s 30 minutes before the start of the shift), you have to apologize for being “late”. now… don’t get me wrong. i was never late for any part of my professional life.

    however, if you’re korean… that wouldn’t apply. being late for 30-40 minutes, or just putting off work for being “stressed” or “want to sleep” is accepted. but if i did such a thing… i’d be fired immediately.

    9. don’t expect that your employment contracts would be followed. they change their
    minds about the work conditions about my employment so often that i don’t even bother looking at my employment contract anymore. i’ve experienced my salary being raised and decreased at unimaginable rates that sometimes i try to think that being given P500 for a month’s work is too much for them to give. (N.B. this issue is currently ‘TIGAWON KAMJA’ or a hot issue in our company)

    10. when they say “if you have a problem… tell me”, i don’t believe them anymore.

    i had several bosses who said the same thing to me over and over again and these incidents ended up with me having a bad rep.

    opportunities to air several professional concerns with those sentences attached were used to put me in hot water. legitimate concerns about labor laws, facilities,

    employee safety and minimum wage were taken as complaints and labeled me as a “bad egg”.

    11. when koreans have arguements amongst themselves… to the extent of one of my clients being mauled by a group of other koreans… IS NOT ANY FILIPINO’S CONCERN.

    it should be a concern among koreans only. when i tried to call the police… one of them even called me “geseki” (or son of a bitch) for trying to interfere with korean concerns.

    12. filipinas do not have the right to reject when a korean man proposes to her.

    filipinas do not have enough money to be proud of themselves (as told by a drunk client a few nights ago) and we should be lucky that our race will have the handsome
    genetic endowment from koreans when they fuck filipina women.

    13. if you’re older… you’re always right. in korean tradition, this is a rule of thumb that no one should break. neither do we or any other foreigner should forget.

    i had a friend for 20 years and he’s much older than me. my boss said i don’t have the right to call this person my friend because he is older than me. and because i
    don’t have anyone who is of the same age as me… according to him, i don’t have any friend.

    14. it is rude to reject any offerings that they would like to give you. koreans have this knack of giving stuff to people. it’s something that i really appreciated during the first few years of working with them. but recently, i found out that
    although it is considered rude to reject their offerings… they say that i’m “so poor that he accepts our (the korean’s) junk and surplus things”.

    15. i cannot entertain, let alone talk to my WIFE whenever she comes to visit me at the apartment provided by the company… nor can she stay within the vicinity of the building because it’s “indecent” and “dirty”. i actually got a memo last week when
    she brought my laundry up to our dormitory living room and left 5 minutes after, saying “it does not give a good image of the company.”

    but the korean staff, who stays right across our room, parades girls he takes home from brothels day and night. and the management doesn’t give a damn. don’t ask…

    but i kinda got used to the moans, groans, slapping, slurpping, screaming and

    squeaking sounds from their room.

    16. don’t ask anything related to family… or anything for that matter. i just got a complaint from my manager that I was being to nosey for asking my room mate, “what is your hometown like?”

    17. koreans love to slam doors on people. and filipinos should not take it as an insult or anything bad. they’re just like that.

    but i still couldn’t understand why i got another memo for being “too rude” when i carefully opened the door (and NOT SLAMMING IT) when i entered the conference hall

    to serve coffee to the korean visitors. (N.B. please call me the H.R. Manager who serves coffee and biscuits to koreans)

    18. “the customer is always king”. this is the most popular adage in korean history which gives them the right to throw towels at me when they were not satisfied with

    the women they brought in to our hotel.

    being the customers… we should make sure that everything should be provided for.

    (even the whores should be provided for by the hotel and not THEM having to pick up

    women from the nearby entertainment district)

    19. “pali-pali” is something that you have to do if you’re working for koreans. if

    they ask for an incident report about an exploded heating pipe 3 minutes ago, there

    should be triplicate copies on the boss’ table in 5 minutes… plus requisitions for

    new equipment… plus job orders for the maintenance crew… plus receipts for the

    equipment and facilities that failed.

    i just couldn’t understand why they still haven’t signed the damn things three weeks after they made me rush them.

    20. if you couldn’t find it on DAUM or NAVER… it doesn’t exist. DAUM or NAVER are korea’s most popular search engines. most of the information that they know are
    downloaded, read, shared, or uploaded here.

    they don’t know that 97% of the contents shared on the internet are written in english.

    so if it’s from google, yahoo, cnet, cuil, or any other search engine. it’s not legitimate

    21. americans and other native speakers have terrible ENGLISH pronunciation. koreans always tell me that non-koreans have terrible english pronunciation. consider the fact that they have been studying for more than 12 years english GRAMMAR (just the patterns), toeic exams (just the answers) with high scores of 450 (the highest score is 990), and can go to different countries without visa.

    A korean staff even told me… “why learn english? english… terrible! best language… hanggul. whole earth… should… must… hanggul only!”


    My dear friends… please don’t hate these people for being such. Filipinos aren’t such bad people but we do have our faults and weaknesses too. i just got hurt from all the experiences that i’ve been through and i just hope that when we’re gonna deal with people who are not of our own culture and or descent, let’s not stoop to

    their level.

    let’s think rationally.

    many people might think “who’s this asshole trying to lecture us on cultural pride?”

    i agree. i’m not a good person who should speak on this but i just want to remind everyone… please don’t imitate what i did. (which is absolutely nothing)

    filipinos have a lot of things to be proud of. this is your generation. make something out of it. don’t imitate what the leaders of today are doing. strive to change…

  • Rar says:

    YuBin Kim impostor on twitter also known as UglyYubin called Filipino Monkeys as she posted in the Fake Twitter account.

    That account is fake account who pretend to Korean singer Yubin.

    1. Japanese pretend to Korean, blame Filipino. Typical japanes habit. Normal Korean never say like? that.
    2. Anti-Yubin pretend to Yubin, made Yubin’s image as bad.

  • unscented says:

    since the poser’s account has been suspended, she created another one.. read on to this page… –

  • Fu**Y0uBin says:

    Don’t ever try to cross my road UglyYuBin or YuBinRapper…Or you will taste what Filipino’s are made off…ur such a Bitch and a F****** Sl**!!!

  • which says:

    I’m sorry about your negative experiences FJCASTRO, and I wish I could explain why those people you worked with were assholes, but unfortunately, I can’t. The only excuse I can make is that you’ve either met the wrong people, or the business you’re in attracts the ones caught up on race and ethnicity. I just wish Koreans could be better represented because as a Korean myself, I know that not all of us are like that. I actually have met a number of racist Koreans but they were members of older generations, in their 40s+. They seem to rely on race when determining personalities and characteristics. I just wish people would stop with the hate against any race.

  • wewen says:

    to my fellow pinoy: FJCASTRO: wow! where on earth did you pull put such strength and patience?!?!
    To WHICH: you seem to be kind-hearted and I am sorry that you feel offended by your fellow Koreans’ misconduct
    my personal opinion:
    regardless of your race, there is good and bad and racist in every nation; Europeans, Asians, Americans, they feel superior and special in their own way. Let’s give them that
    From 2nd-hand experience:
    My mom worked for a korean family once and never lasted 3 months due to so much disrespect and arrogance. The father was here studying english.
    Prior to that she was able to meet and befriended a korean national who was so humble, tamed and good-natured, so refine.
    so you see, whether or not they have less percentage of “good and educated” in their population, there will always be good people in each race.

    KIM might have a point-the ugly yubin imposter might not really be a korean.
    But on the question:
    if you are filipino, you want filipino singer name as “ugly”? –answer is yeah, sure. If the singer is really ugly, i can call him/her ugly while still patronizing them after all real talents is not dependent on the looks..if that is what “ugly” is being referred to.
    and yeah I agree about your sentiments about japanese.

    i am just stating an opinion

  • CHANTAL says:


  • CHANTAL says:


  • SAKI says:

    to kim
    so what are you doing right now??you know your being a racist.are you sure that we japanese hate filipinos??haha…we dont even hate koreans.don’t blame any country if you don’t have proves.and excuse me..don’t call us ”scum” because on what you are a scum.

  • BONIFACIO says:

    fu** koreans they cant even handle being one nation. how can a stupid YUBIN comment like that, a yah because they’re stupid. they cant even speak english. and do math. their migration is just a divertion, because of a warning that south will be invaded by north. those chicken shit cant even defend their own country….. FU**ING COWARDS..!!!

  • lala says:

    duh..knock it our…wth she is part of wondergirls..duh!!racist idiotic and now ur saying that she is not koreans…of course she is..she just want to be famous by posting that message to herself!!why do ppl saying that she is no kim yubin..hell should i believe in u ppl!!!..she’s racist..

  • lala says:

    tsk tsk tsk..this is really bad all koreans can do to make themselves prettier is do PLASTIC SURGERIES…OHH NO WHAT A SHAME ON ASIA!

  • kimmie says:

    Yubin kim those twitter accounts is not even hers she was a victim of a false account s anyone can easly prentend to be her or even looks like her = photo shop those pictures and say all these negative things about phillipines on the net or a website ! It’s a god dame poser Why do people think like that

  • englishtutoryunbibpark says:

    Why would Koreans do such comment? They live here right?

  • sac89me says:

    its not real yubin. yubin real twitter is WGyubin. someone just pretend. yubin has no time to to those thing. as he has a busy life as a international singer and why would she care about filipino at all. filipino is not that important for she to think about. i bet, cross my head thats is not yubin. its fake to ruins yubin name. god bless.

  • sinned says:

    uglyyubin you a**hole who do you think you are,,,if i have a chance to see you in flesh im gonna fu** your big mouth,, ..I.,

  • robby says:

    the hell with you – MONSTER UGLY YUBIN

  • true filipino says:

    hey you ugly yubin your the ugliest person i’ve ever encountered
    if filipinos were brown in color you ugly bi**h is “uncooked”
    your words su**s NO WONDERS / few wonders of the WORLD can found in korea but in phil. there are too many
    your such a bi**h posting that
    you pushed us to say this words and we are very sorry for ur country :
    bitch damn stupid! realized and analyze before posting something you fu** must be punished

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