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Using Affiliate PPC Programs for SEO

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SEO is a game that is nearly as hard to do because of the changing moods of search engines and one of its character is to make it that way – a secret to decipher for some of the best in the business. This is also true when you try to ask people in the SEO industry. What I am about to talk about here is the use of PPC programs in tracking down the clicks that you are getting and what keywords get clicked naturally by visitors. These clicks are the heart and soul of this discussion in order to make a little good tip for making hard money with you target keywords.

Ok, there is this PPC and affiliate advertising company today ( I will avoid mentioning about the name of the company) where data will be given to you regarding the clicks that you get from their system. This includes the details of the URLs and the keywords that are getting clicked by organic visitors that come over to your website which is part of the Affiliate marketing scheme by this PPC company.

What I am seeing here is that this data can be used to propel some keywords to your site that target certain audience and gets clicked by visitors. This also has something to do with the data provided there in your custom reports where the URLs that have the most visits are provided. This can also be used to see what URLs are gaining interest from the search engine results and they get visits from organic sources.

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