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Why Your Adsense Account Application Gets Denied

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There are so many reasons still unknown to many Adsense publishers why their accounts get closed down and there are so many reasons why Google won’t allow you to have an Adsense account and your application keeps getting turned down or denied. But who can give the exact guidelines that anybody of us could’ve breached or not gone well with in the implementation and content of our websites? How are we really to know why an account got closed down or an application gets denied? There’s no clue but today, I learned a pretty useful good lesson from all the experience through friend’s stories with me actually beside all the processes that an account approval has gone through. Allow me to give little insights based from an actual experience.

First off, as part of the experiment, we tried to apply with Google Adsense using a website in wordpress with little or no content and poof! The application got denied. The second time around, we tried to find relevant websites and really useful content to add up as links in the sidebar so people can really and truly learn from the links where they get lead on to. Then we put more and more and more content to it but behind the content, we have a top menu label which says we are selling a product because we thought that if a site sells real products, the approval would be outright and faster. We are wrong! We still got denied and turned down the second time around.

The third time, we did nothing to change the content nor the whole set up, we just removed the page on the top menu which says we are selling a legitimate product and also the link where people and visitors can see our product sales page. We didn’t even add any content to the website for more than a month. Poof! We got approved after a week of implementation of the Adsense code.

Lesson: To get approved of an account application with Google Adsense, don’t overdo it. Don’t try to fool the account investigators with a false page even if how much you try to make it look like a legitimate sales page. Just blog and blog and write really good content and give good links to pages around the internet which you can find relevant to your webpage.

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