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Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya

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De La Hoya Wining Over Pacquiao

Today I tried to visit the official website of HBO Boxing and I got the chance to see what’s cooking in the garden of HBO, the giant network of the best boxers in the world. Guess what I found? It was the “Pacman” and “The Golden Boy” himself, Oscar De La Hoya battling it out with each other in what could be the rarest event of the year before 2007 ends.

Yes! It’s Pacquiao vs De La Hoya. Wait a minute, is this really possible? What were they actually battling it out with? It is the crown or the glory? Who will win this fight? Find out as you go along and read this post on what people has to say about the fight.

I have a screen shot of the actual results below that I got from HBO Boxing official website –

HBO: Poll Results
Which fighter would you like to meet most and have dinner with:
Manny Pacquiao 23%
Oscar De La Hoya 35%
Floyd Mayweather 20%
Kelly Pavlik 7%
Ricky Hatton 15%

The poll question is “who would yo like to meet most and have dinner with” and I could have won only if it were to end today because my bet is Oscar De La Hoya. How about you, who would you bet on this? Take your pick as the Philippines blog announces to friends here in the Philippines about this fight.

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