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Mark Barriga, London Olympics 2012 Boxing hope for the Philippines wins over Cappai of Italy

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Mark Barriga Vs Cappai of ItalyIt was an astonishing and convincing win for the Pinoy amateur boxer, Mark Barriga, Olympics 2012 boxing hope for the Philippines. He won via a convincing score of 17-7 over the much taller fighter from Italy, Manuel Cappai last night. This will give way for his possible gold medal chance in case he get through with his fight against other taller fighters from Kazakhstan and possibly 2 more fighters.

Going online searching for a wiki, I was able to find very few information about this amazing kid. Small in his weight division as the fighting Pinoy in the 2012 London Olympics, Mark Anthony Barriga is only 5″ according to a television broadcast last night, contrary to what official Olympics 2012 website says that he is 5’2″. He is a counter puncher by style but very good in his campaign to win a possible gold for the Philippines. Mark had a future as a boxer like the Pinoy pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao.

Last night, he was able to throw his 5’6″ Italian opponent, Cappai (as mentioned above) off balanced prompting him to throw more punches than his opponent could, reaching to convincing blow or win in a 17-7 dominant boxing match.

Come Saturday, Barriga, the Filipino boxer will face Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan in the Round of 16. The last Pinoy I could remember based from an article found in the online website of Philippine Star News is Harry Tanamor which dates back from an old 2004 Olympics held in Athens Greece. He, however failed on his attempt when he got defeated by Hong Moo-Won of South Korea.

Mark is currently being dubbed as the little Pacquiao probably because of both his skill, speed and determination to win in many of his boxing encounters and his down-to-earth attitude despite the honor he is bringing to the Philippines.

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MARK Anthony BARRIGA vs Manuel CAPPAI Replay Video July 31 London Olympics 2012

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