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Marvin Sonsona vs Alejandro Hernandez fight result

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If you wanted to know about the Marvelous Marvin Sonsona vs Alejandro Hernandez fight result, this is just perfect. I will also tell about the result of a rigid training that Sonsona has prepared to loose weight and other factors that helped influence the fight.

First off. Marvin Sonsona won the fight because the decision was a split draw. In a championship fight, when the judges arrive at a decision to make the fight a split draw, the champion gets to retain his championship belt or crown. the WBO crown in this case remains with Sonsona because of the decision.

On the other hand, I believe that Sonsona could have lost the fight if not for his rigid conditioning. Body punches rained on his stomach and side body from Hernandez. Since Sonsona almost did not make it to the weight limit he shed so much sweat just to be able to make up to the set limit in the weigh in.

That is what Hernandez was able to capitalize on but in the end, Sonsona was lucky to have had a split draw decision. It was a win loose situation for the Filipino champion and Hernandez just did not convince the judges to give him the favor because there are times along the fight where you can see that he also lost himself and almost got knocked out. I the end, the fight result favored the Filipino champion.

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