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Mayweather racist insult video on Pacquiao

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I was able to catch up with the youtube video of Floyd Mayweather insulting Manny Pacquiao calling him with an insulting name. Let the world see how unbecoming of a human this guy is through this video. I just wish that this guys gets knocked down hard by Manny Pacquiao if and when they ever meet in the middle of the ring.

I can recall that his own father was out on another video calling Pacquiao a fag. Well, this just proves the point that like father like son. They both deserve the worst nametags and not Pacquiao. On the other hand, I am personally glad that Manny did not say anything bad against these two mean persona in boxing.

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One Response to “Mayweather racist insult video on Pacquiao”

  • Paul says:

    well this guy mayweather is really ain’t a gentleman, he know nothing about being a good professional boxer. One thing he and his father is good at….opening their wide mouth and saying anything they want to say, their insecurities to manny brought them to this level. pity to both of them (father and son).

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