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Nonito Donaire vs Fernando Montiel Live

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Is it time or is it not? The Nonito Donaire vs Fernando Montiel fight will be on February 19, 2011 and you bet that this is going to be one hell of a fight between the two champions. Montiel’s belt will be at stake on this fight and should Donaire win over his boxing opponent, he will surely have a bigger price on his head in his weight division.

As for me, I personally believe that he should have gone for a George Arce fight instead of go straight against Montiel. Although I have no doubts that Donaire will surely give a good fight against Montiel, I can’t take out the big possibility that the strength of his stomach wouldn’t be enough to cover him throughout the fight duration. I hope he makes his tummy stronger for the fight so he can get a bigger chance at taking out Montiel.

On the other hand, if the wear and tear factor will prevail, Montiel could lose the fight but of course, under a boxing afficionado’s point of view, I’d like to think that Montiel had all the edges over Donaire. That is, with respect to strength, style and movement but Donaire’s only key would surely be his hand speed. If he learns to utilize it, then and only then that he could increase his chances of winning against the stronger fighter, Fernando Montiel.

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