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Pacquiao Endorses Nike and Joins the Elite List

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Pacquiao Leaves Today for a Nike Endorsement

Manny Pacquiao leaves today for the U.S. but this time, not for boxing but for endorsing Nike products. With this new offer for the boxing hero of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao will become the first Filipino International endorser of the said Nike products and this will surely be something related to sports products as he is considered as one of the world’s best athletes today.

First Filipino Athlete to Internationally Endorse Nike

Manny Pacquiao wears that same smile he always throws at his hometown fans whenever he comes back to the Philippines after battling it out with some of the best in the world boxing arena in other countries. Today, he wears that same smile but not because he won a fight or so against a rival boxer but because he is now the newest endorser of Nike products. This is not something local as he is leaving for a U.S. shot of becoming the first Filipino athlete to make it to the elite list of Nike products endorser in the world.

The Philippines will Wait and See for Pacquiao

We all just play wait and see for the hopefully another multi-million pay for the boxing hero of the Philippines as he brings another ton of revenue to the country. Whenever he is out there somewhere, he sure will be back and this time not from a boxing fight but from world famous commercial from being an official endorser of Nike. He will again bring home and send money to the Philippines with this new fortune that he got for being one of the best in the boxing arena in the world.

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