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Pacquiao Hatton TKO Replay Video

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I just had a good time while I watch Pacquiao Hatton replay fight today. I wasn’t able to watch it live because we were in Boracay that time enjoying the sun and celebrities that we saw there enjoying the cool Boracay beach waters. When we got home the replay was already through and so we literally missed the fight and the knockout punch.

Thanks god there is internet in the cafe so we really had a good time watching Pacquiao Hatton replay video. It was indeed as said a great fight as I’ve always imagined it to be – short and crisp punches landing on each of the fighter. But no, it was and it seems like a one way fight where Ricky Hatton was the one who received most of the power blows from the right hook of Manny Pacquiao.

It was a truly convincing win when the hitman was counted out of 10 in the 2nd round when a fake right hook turned into a short crisp left punch to the jaw. The Pacquiao Hatton live streaming was great but there were only a few available channels in the internet so I was not able to get a hold of it. Anyway, who didn’t enjoy the fight as it was the match of the year? Congratulations Manny for proving once more that you are indeed the best pound for pound fighter!

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