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Pacquiao Vs Bradley 2 – A Repeat with Different Decision Twist and No Need to Watch Replay

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Me and my dad, Justine just went to SM Pala Pala for the tickets we bought for the Pacquiao Vs Bradley 2 live stream fight. In case some of you who might stumble upon this post and is also an avid fan of boxing, I’d like you to know that you can buy tickets in the said mall at only Php 350 per head. T-shirt souvenir and food are pricey at Php 150 and Php 100 unlike before where we only had to add up Php 15- for a big hotdog sandwich and a t-shirt. In short, we didn’t buy anymore. We got 2 pcs of Jollibee Champ sandwich a medium french fries each at only Php 220 bucks.

How We Got Cheap Tickets and Food

pacman vs bradley 2How we came up with the cheapest priced tickets and food goes like this to tip you guys off. First, We bought the tickets at senior citizen price which is less 20% discount. We tried using my mom’s senior citizen ID to buy an additional ticket which is actually for me. Next, since I went to the internet to see the prices of tickets, I found out that not all SM cinemas offer the same standard price for the Pacquiao Vs Bradley 2 fight. We discovered it from the Pacquiao-Bradley 1 fight. SM cinemas in the likes of Gensan, Rosario, Pampanga and Pala Pala Cavite are the ones offering the cheapest price.

Some SM Cinemas would range from Php 550-Php 720 bucks just like in SM Mall of Asia (MOA). We get wiser each time. We didn’t buy the food offer and the t-shirt souvenir anymore priced at a combined worthless piece of Php 250 (food and shirt). We’ve gone used to collecting them from the first fight we watched in SM cinema anyway. We bought instead 2 Jollibee Champ sandwiches and 2 french fries with 1 large drink at only Php 220 bucks. Food at the cinema will cost us Php 300 for 2 persons so we had our food at less Php 80 bucks. Over all, we only spend Php 640 for 2 tickets and Php 220 for 2 sets of food. If you watched the fight over in SM MOA, it will cost you Php 1420 + Php 500.

The Fight Review (No Need to Watch Replay)

I am no boxing analyst but I am a big fan of many great fighters from the likes of Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Ali, Foreman, Arguello, Cotto, Margarito, Mayweather, Pacquiao, Elorde, Liston, Chavez, Espinosa, Penalosa brothers, Lewis, Golota, Cooney, Judah, The Ghost and yes, even Bradley and many more.

Put simply, I knew that Pacquiao will win. Bradley had a very bad reputation for winning a lost fight. It all started with Pacquiao-Bradley 1, then it went to Pacquiao Vs Marquez so the investors of the sport will definitely not make money anymore from Bradley winning over Pacman even if he gets to fight against Mayweather. In short, the fight is no make or break for anybody. It’s a fight match made in heaven in preparation for the big bucks Pacquiao Vs Mayweather mega fight.

The supposed biggest earner by Bob Arum and his Top Rank Promotions should it push through some time next year or this year. My analysis, though for this fight, should it happen even if I knew that Pacman had the heart is that he will eventually fall under the wise decision of the younger Money man. He’s gone so wise that all the great fighters he defeated were fought in a time of their life when their career is already at a near downfall. Pacquiao fought all those biggest men in the boxing arena and defeated all of them without a doubt. Mayweather on the other had nothing much to show but “boat”.

The End of Timothy Bradley?

Many boxing analysts will not agree with me. Yes, it is still possible that there could be a Pacquiao Vs Bradley 3 should he be able to defeat Mayweather if ever he gets to fight the man. But we all know that is next to impossible. A take at the shooting star. On the other hand, Pacquiao still had proven the reputation and capability to beat tough younger fighters in the likes of Brandon Rios and Tim Bradley but then again, the question is, was he able to defeat them with a convincing strength show off via KO? Nope! he didn’t. So it puts me to question whether he is still capable of knocking out another young fighter should somebody else come his way. I mean I strongly believe he can take out anyone one or two more times but I have my doubts on his power of knockout today from what he showed. The fight for me isn’t even worth the watch for a replay. It’s a repeat of the first decision with less the knockdown part because Pacquiao wasn’t even able to drop Bradley in any of the 12 rounds unlike in the first fight.

Next Possible Opponent Options for Manny Pacquiao

Maybe he can try Martinez, the young heavy weight who will be fighting soon in June 7, 2014 against Miguel Angel Cotto. The guy was the only one who defeated Chavez Jr for Christ’s sake so it’s a good bet should a failed set up be on the way for the Pacman Vs Money man flop or should the celebrity boxing champ defeat Cotto come June 7. Or maybe he can take on Ruslan Provodnikov, the young bull hungry for a win fighter from Russia who also had a somewhat controversial fight against Bradley just recently. I don’t know what’s actually next, I didn’t even watch the interview to Manny and Tim after the fight decision.

The Result of the Fight (Pacquiao-Bradley 2) – Not Worth the Replay Watch

For the sake of those who will be trying to find information on how the fight went, here is the result – Manny Pacquiao wins over Timothy Bradley via unanimous decision. It’s a possible 8-4 round take by Pacman over the Dessert Storm boxer. You can see video / photo highlights from Yahoo Sports if you want to see some or head on quick to Youtube.Com to watch an unlabelled video with the fight highlights but I must warn you there’s nothing interesting about the fight except if you were able to watch the round for round turnout. It was an exciting match but as the excitement dies when the 12th round gets nearer, it made me realize that it is best that in the end, it was just a decision win by Pacquiao. It is just some sort of a reserve for boxing promoters should there be no other choice to match Manny in the near future. Creating some few buzz around will definitely help heat up another rematch perhaps. Who knows?

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