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Pacquiao vs Cotto

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I have to watch Pacquiao as I’ve watched Cotto live streaming video free last time. Miguel Cotto is waiting as Pacquiao vs Hatton fight nears. Filipinos can’t wait for Manny’s fight result because if Manny wins over Ricky Hatton, who’s next for the Filipino champ? Will it finally be Pacquiao vs Cotto? As an avid fan of boxing, I have no doubts that Manny can take out on anyone but the true question is if he ever wins against The Hitman, who would be his wisest choice to fight next?

If Pacman still want’s to take his pride and retain his glory and gets over Hitman, I bet that the best choice to promote a next fight would be with Cotto. He is almost the same fighter as Hatton and if Manny should beat the latter, it would be most likely that he will also beat the boxer from Puerto Rico. For me, Miguel Angel Cotto would be the wise and best choice.

If he still insist on engaging at least 2 more fights after the May 2, 2009 bout with the Englishman, he should consider thinking now who will be next. On the other hand, I also see something different if he does not want to fight Miguel Anghel.

Manny can go for another possible fight of the century and launch a promotion for a Pacquiao vs Mosley fight. This would be an interesting combination if ever plans to get in to 2 more fights continue as what Manny said in the news before leaving for Manchester, England last week.

Final assessment had us all assured of 2 more possible gigantic fights in the boxing arena for Manny Pacquiao if he wins over Ricky Hatton in May 2, 2009 – a Pacquiao vs Cotto or a Pacquiao vs Mosley. We all know that Sugar Shane Mosley just won convincingly over Margarito who beat Cotto and Mosley also beat Dela Hoya whom Manny also defeated so this will be 2 possible big fights to watch out for. Buy or get your ticket early reservation if you do not to run out of it.

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