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Pacquiao Vs Mayweather in 2010

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If you are to see through the future, would you like a Pacquiao vs Hattonor a Mayweather vs Pacquiao? Either which way, Pacquiao will surely have a big chance at winning over either Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather because we have seen the impossible become possible in the dream match between Dela Hoya and Pacquiao.

pacquiao vs hattonIf I were to make a few estimates based on who will be the next fight for Pacquiao, I think it would be a better decision for him or his camp to go for a Pacquiao vs Mayweather because only Mayweather is the lone boxer in his division has the undisputed ring record being the best and only undefeated fighter in his prime age. This will be a great fight and I am sure that this will bring in once again more money to the lucky promoter who can bring back Floyd Mayweather in the ring.

The second choice for Manny Pacquiao and his camp should Mayweather not decide to fight against him is Ricky Hatton. Hatton showed his interest in Pacquiao since his last fight if Pacquiao wins and since he just did over Dela Hoya, I think it’s about time that Hatton’s camp initiate a negotiation to put a fight against Pacquiao and he and his camp had better be quick on it or else they loose a possible million dollar revenue in this possible fight.

What about you? If you are to set up a fight, would you go for Pacquiao vs Mayweather or Pacquiao vs Hatton? You choose and you decide which fight will give the best entertainment.


16 Responses to “Pacquiao Vs Mayweather in 2010”

  • boxer1285 says:

    Pacquiao vs Mayweather would make more money. It makes more sense. Mayweather already beat Hatton, and he is an undefeated, undisputed champion in several weight classes. Manny is the only fighter around that has the speed to rival him. Would be a great fight, but a huge risk for PBF, im not sure if he would put his legacy and undefeated record on the line to make the fight, since he’s been known to duck others…

  • daryl says:

    pacquiao vs mayweather

  • The Obvious says:

    The best option to make money is to first fight Hatton and then call out Mayweather. This is also the an option that implies Pacquiao knows that he will be Hatton. The question is does he feel that confident?

  • jelopz says:

    i think pacquaio fight to hatton before he fighte maywethear!hatton vs pacquaio is the best combination…its gonna be a grteat fight!speed vs speed

  • jelopz says:

    hatton vs pacquaio????i think pacquaio will win!

  • bhonez says:

    pacman vs mayweather

  • Alfie says:

    Pacquiao vs Mayweather. It doesn’t make sense for Manny to fight Hatton. Mayweather have already dismantled Hatton. If Pacquiao beat Mayweather he can be considered the best overall boxer of all time. So as Mayweather if he beat Manny he’s the best.

  • petes says:

    Mayweather will be the only fighter that’ll drain Pacman’s stamina. Pacquiao will get tired running after him. If the fight pushes thru, there wouldnt be a fight! Mayweather loves to throw a punch or two then runs around inside the ring. Mayweather should be playing Track and Field, not Boxing. He’s in the wrong sport!!!!

  • Philippines Review says:


    I bet you you are right in this comment of yours. Mayweather has been that kind of fighter since but the only question is, what about what Mayweather did with Hatton who only suffered one defeat – that was with Mayweather?

    That will have to have some weight if a Pacquiao decides to fight against Mayweather. But then again, Pacquiao learned to be wiser now so there will never be a fight with Mayweather first. He has to get Hatton in order to fight the best pound for pound fighter in the ring – Mayweather.

  • ace says:

    i thnk manny wud b a mismatch 4 hatton but 4 flyd mayweather jr. i thnk he can giv manny a hel of a fight

  • hahahaha says:

    hatton mismatch for paquiao

  • pacman says:

    just think about if manny will figth to mayweather now, and let just say manny win that game then, probably after mayweather he will come to hatton. the question is, do manny can still raise huge money after people know that he already defeated mayweather.

  • jesus r. garcia says:

    i think manny will give a good fight to anybody., as long as they will do it in 140lbs.

  • ANGHEL says:

    ,.., mAywEather is A gAy.,.,.,Sa aToApa bAyot Sya,.,..,.,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANGHEL says:

    .,.,nGitA lAg pAlosot Si mAyweathEr kAy bAyot mAna sXa.,…,.,cge lAng nA sIlag pAsikat ug yAw2x.,.,,. Di mAN jApon musOKUlL.,.,.,Akoa pA nimo mAnnY SI Coto nAlang Para mAdugangan nApod BAkos NImo.,,.PangitAg kAlaban NA nAay bAkus pAra MAimohA nAsad,..,,..,AyAw SEge Ug pAnghAgad Anang mgA bAyot NA BoXer,..,..,pArEhA ni mAyweather,..,,.

  • jangdables says:

    Go Pacman! Next is Mosley

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