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Buy Pacquiao vs Hatton Tickets

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If the fight on Pacquiao vs Hatton fight pursues as planned by some members of each camp including respective promoters, we are surely going to have some boxing match to watch next year. The Pacquiao vs Hatton tickets would surely be one of the most sold out tickets in the boxing history. This will be a different fight than what Manny Pacquiao has been in to. All because Ricky Hatton is a brawler who pays no respect to whoever his opponent in the ring is. On the other hand, it will also favor Pacquiao to push through with a Hatton vs Pacquiao fight instead of with Mayweather because Hattons aggressiveness has been proven to become a liability when he fights a good fighter with the right skills to counter his brawler style.

Tickets will surely be sold out for the Hatton vs Pacquiao fight purely because it will be a very interesting match up between a brawler who lunges all his body while punching in Hatton and on the other hand a classy and stylish fighter in Pacquiao with a combination of good defense and strength behind the punches. Boxing enthusiasts and fans of the ring have to watch out because I believe that there is already a negotiation going on in both camps of Hatton and Pacquiao (Bob Arum) to set up the fight early May of 2009. This will be an exciting fight and I’m sure that boxing fans will wait for this and wouldn’t want to run out of tickets. I also read somewhere that the fight will be scheduled in a place where there is neutral audience to avoid unnecessary loss of concentration for both fighters.

I go for Pacquiao for this Hatton vs Pacquiao fight if you are to ask me purely because Pacquiao is much like Mayweather who beat Hatton in their fight before. I belive this will the same fate of Hatton if he will not change his style and aggressive lunges without taking into consideration about defense. Defense is the key and if he pushes with a new training to improve more on defense, then maybe he will stand a bigger chance at defeating Pacquiao or even Mayweather in a rematch should he have his second chance.

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