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Pacquiao Wins Over Diaz and Meets Kevin Garnet

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A few hours ago, the fight between Manny Pacqauiao and David Diaz ended in a knockout and Pacman won it in a decisive display of techniques that are visually new to all fight fans of boxing all over the world. Once again, the Philippines proved to be a superior source of sports champions especially in boxing. Pacquaio showed his skills pretty well this time to capture the fans and amazed them in displaying the same intensity and speed which won him the new title of being the first Asian fighter to take and hold 4 different weight divisions in his time. This is a new world record and this will be just the start as fight fans start to see a different Manny Pacquiao in the lightweight division.

Retaining his speed, agility, strength, stamina and being able to show he has more power and is more comfortable in this weight division only means one thing, Manny Pacquiao is ready for more and the boxing fans can expect more of him in the coming fights to go for a knockout. As well as the Filipinos are expecting Manny to bring the country more glory in the sports of boxing, the opponents are getting ready for another flurry of interesting and money-generating fights from the new WBC lightweight champion.

While this is the case for the national fist of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao, it is a new dawning of a new hero for the Philippines. Amidst the win of the boxing champ from the Philippines, there are celebrities in the likes of Kevin Garnet, from the popular NBA team to capture the year’s championship. He is one of Manny’s favorites and this is his chance to grab a picture with the champs in Boston Celtics including Sam Cassel. Manny is really lucky according to a sports announcer and enthusiast, Chino Trinidad because Kevin Garnet is one of Manny’s fans and upon an interview, Kevin Garnet swore he is also a fan of the little champ, Pacquiao.

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