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Pacquiao wins Unanimous over Margarito

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The fight that many called impossible is over. After 12 rounds of devastation, no fighter went down but only one remained unblemished to my surprise. I must admit that although I am Filipino, I never expected the result of Pacquiao vs Margarito would be the way it ended. Margarito was all beaten up by a smaller man, a man with shorter reach and at least 5 pounds lighter than him. Pacman prevailed in all 12 rounds and although it’s a shame to admit perhaps for Margarito fans, the Tijuana Tornado did not make it and did not seem to even put a decent punch enough to cause Pacman to get any bruise to his face.

Me and my father watched the live streaming fight pay per view at SM cinema because I was able to buy 2 tickets to the fight 3 days ago. We had a FREE T-Shirt souvenir of Pacquiao vs Margarito, a coffee, a donut and a set of hotdog sandwitch with drinks. It was all fun at first while watching the fight in the first 3 rounds but when Margarito was all bruised after those 3 rounds as a former champ, looking as if buffled how the little man in Pacquiao could be so elusive of all his past opponents, I felt like I couldn’t watch the punishment. TM remained beaten. What’s worse of all is his pride as a boxer and as a champion who promised he’d knock out Pacman and beat him in their match.

But I must say he did his best and I strongly admire people with such determination. Tony, for me, you are a true champ. There will come a time that people will realize that not all warriors beaten and defeated are defeated in spirit. Some, like you, I must say with pride, remained unblemished when we talk about honor. You are a true man. You’ve been beaten but you fought your way clean and you fought just like what a warrior should. 12 rounds is not enough it seems and somewhere in the middle of those 12 rounds, I know you knew you can’t win but you continued with your task and that is to give it your best shot.

From a Filipino in me and in Pacquiao,,,, Tony Margarito, you are a true champ and a fighter with the spirit of a thousand warriors. You did it your way and though not enough, still, you did it. You gave us and you gave Manny Pacquiao a history to remember. We salute you as a boxer and as a person with a big heart.


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