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Ricky Hatton Wins over Paulie Malignaggi via TKO

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The fight arrives and as I watched and learned that Malignaggi suffered from a bone fracture in his right fist, I assumed immediately that he will have a hard time winning over the “hitman” Ricky Hatton. Prior to this, I watched the under card to this Hatton vs Malignaggi fight which is between a fellow Filipino former champ, Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista and Hriberto Ruiz, a Mexican fighter vetran with 6 year old difference from the ex-Filipino champ. Ruiz won over Bautista after the finish of the 8 round bout where Bautista suffered a severe cut in the 4th round and a knockdown in the 3rd round.

What proves of the skills of Bautista here is that he is still way too young and too aggressive in his plan to enter the fight. I though he claimed that he is now better and more careful but so far, I failed to see what he promised to show in the fight against Ruiz. The result surely was another big loss. I am surprised that Bautista’s corner was not Freddi Roach which I thought would be the one to handle him in the training. I guess I never thought that Roach is so busy with training Manny Pacquaio.

So Bautista lost once again and I know that he has a lot in him but less he change his style which he clearly showed in this last fight, he will never regain his old lost glory in the ring. What he needs is to be able to know what works and what doesn’t and stop being too aggressive and too cocky becauses not all his opponents will be a sitting duck for him to fight. He must learn to develop his defense just like how Manny Pacquiao did in his trainings after coming from a big upset loss against an underrated Filipino fighter in his early day of career.

With respect to the Malignaggi vs Hatton fight, all I can say is that it is just right for the corner of Malignaggi to stop the fight because the magicman can no longer sustain his boxing style because of the fractured bone in his right fist. Malignaggi cannot fight the way he did and surely cannot continue to do it until the rounds are through with him because he will not win at all. It’s a waste that he abandoned his IBF crown just to be able to fight against Ricky Hatton in an injured fist which is the major money maker of all boxers in the world. Malignaggi lost via TKO against Ricky Hatton which was stopped in the latter rounds because his corner cannot stand anymore that beating he is suffering from Hatton with an injured bone fructure on his first. I believe that it is just the right thing for him because if it would have been a few rounds more, he would have just been beaten by Hatton the more.

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