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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to fit your lifestyle

Your fashion sense tells your status quo these days.  Looking chic, doning the in-fashion label, the trendiest shoes in town, what’s the name your handbag or perfume you’re wearing. And having the newest gadgets is simply like how fashionable you are.  People may conclude where you are in the society with latest gadget in your […]

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A smart umbrella anyone?

Will it be raining tomorrow? Where did I left my umbrella? Worry no more, with the new and high tech umbrella, you will never think what the weather will be tomorrow or the following day, and looking for your umbrella is now an impossible thing.   Meet , the smartest umbrella. This rainbow colored gadget […]

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Your old small iPhones might be the comeback gadget of the year

Rumor has it that Apple might bring back the iPhone 5 size this year and its comeback might be announced this coming March. This rumor has been all over since the last quarter of 2015 after some iPhone users are not used to the size of the iPhone 6. It was rumored that Apple will […]

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2016 newest gadget for all coffee lovers

Keurig dominated the home coffee brewer for some years now and there were lots of complaints with its overflowing of coffee in your mug.  Until a new coffee gadget comes, coffee lovers stick to Keurig.

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