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Jam Sebastian Latest News: Lung Cancer Natural Cures and How to Survive It

I am no medical doctor, nor an authorized professional healer in the modern medical industry. But I know what to believe by my own judgement and I’ve decided long ago to take charge of my own health as I choose not to entrust my health to any doctor. Regarding the latest news about Jam Sebastian […]

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Top 8 Deadliest Cancer in the Philippines – Alternative Cure

I’ve recently seen and known friends and close family members who have cancer. Some died and some survived. One was diagnosed just this year, 2015 having lung cancer stage 3 even though he is not a smoker at all. Another, my wife’s father having liver cancer even though he is not an alcohol drinker. Her […]

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10 Best Ways on How to Test Purity of Honey – Know if it’s Raw, Organic and Natural

First of all, flavors are not bad when we speak of honey but testing its purity is something that we all must know in order to verify if what we will buy or intake in our body is safe and will give us all the advantage we need for use in order to harness all […]

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Healing Galing Hotline Numbers for Free Consultation

I’ve been a fan of holistic healing and there’s nobody I can comprehend with much than true and real holistic approach to cures, remedies and healing a disease in humans. When we speak of naturopathy and natural remedies from home and our backyards, I can only remember 2 people. The first and my most loved […]

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