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NSO (Census)

What is NSO SecPa, security paper?

So what is NSO SecPa document? While most government agencies require this type of identification and requirement as like for passport application, visa, jobs abroad and more, very few knew that SecPa is also the same as security paper. This means that if you are required to present a copy of your NSO birth certificate […]

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How to correct wrong NSO birth certificate detail errors

Ever experienced wrong NSO birth certificate information / details (errors)? wrong spelling, wrong gender or sex, typographical errors, clerical errors, wrong date of birth, misspellings, wrong place of birth, mother’s or father’s name, no middle name and more discrepancies? Here is a short guide in what requirements you should produce in order to correct all […]

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First off, what is SECPA? It simply means as abbreviated – security paper. If you are to apply for a birth certificate for DFA passport application purpose, you will need your birth certificate to be printed in security paper. It is a requirement by the Department of Foreign Affairs as stated in their website.

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NSO Birth Certificate Delivery

Are you having problems with your NSO birth certificate application online? Having dilemma with falling in line and spending too much time plus having to go absent in work just to get your SECPA printed birth certificate for passport or abroad use? Say goodbye to all these hassles with the new eCensus door to door […]

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