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Pag-Ibig Fund Forms – loan, insurance, land title, accreditation, membership and claims

Google Advertisements Many forms you can find at the official Pag-Ibig website are also downloadable. So if you want to get a copy of any of the documents, you just have to get it either in any (Home Development Mutual Fund) HDMF branches or from any office near your area. Otherwise, you will have to […]

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Requirements: How to become self-employed / self-paying Pag-Ibig Fund member

Are you a regular Pag Ibig member? Did you just stop from work and would like to reactivate your account via changing from a regular member to self-employed / serlf-paying status? Well, if this is your option and you live in the Philippines, this could be possible. To become a member via the self-employed category, […]

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Pag-Ibig Fund (HDMF) Manila Branch office address, hotline telephone numbers and email address

Here is the new location address and other contact details of Pag-Ibig Manila branch office. I have included in this post, the complete hotline numbers so that you can call to make an inquiry. For online inquiry regarding member static information and other account details such as contribution and updates, loan, loan balance and housing […]

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Requirements: How to register Pag-Ibig Fund employees, procedures and guide

Here is a quick guide for all employers as well as employees currently working regarding issues on how to register Pag-Ibig Fund (HDMF) Home Development Mutual Fund empployees. The aim of this post is to let members know as well as their employers on the basic requirements in the process of application.

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Pag Ibig Housing Loan Interest Rate

Pag Ibig members have been looking forward to this release of ours regarding their housing loan interest rates. So here it is and we know that this information might be able to help many members of the HDMF (Housing Development Mutual Fund). for more information, please visit the PagIbig official site at

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HDMF Website

Google Advertisements Listing details for Pag Ibig Fund HDMF website, hotline contact numbers, online registration, contribution inquiry, branches, forms and more. Website may be visited at For the HDMF Pag-Ibig Fund website, just visit while for the online registration please find their homepage or make inquiry via the hotline telephone numbers listed below.

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Pag Ibig Fund Website

Google Advertisements Pag Ibig Fund is the provider and government agency for Home Development Mutual Fund(HDMF). If you have been employed in the late 80’s I’m pretty sure you know about it because it became a compulsory deduction to all employees back then amounting to Php 100.00. I am one of those who were the […]

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Pag-Ibig Fund Hotline Number

Google Advertisements Here is the complete contact details including Pag Ibig hotline number, office location address, call center and headquarters plus email address that you can send your inquiry with. Please do note that the details below are also taken from the Pag-Ibig Fund (HDMF) official website at

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Pag-Ibig Fund

Google Advertisements Pag-Ibig Fund Philippines, otherwise known as Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) is the arm of the national government that handles Filipino needs for housing matters as well as loans that offer convenience for its members via low cost interest rates and easy to apply procedures with less hassle on requirements.

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