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Ai ai Delas Alas and Kris Aquino are OK Now

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SNN – Showbiz News Ngayon featured the greeting and get well message by Kris Aquino for Ai ai Delas Alas and it is where it all started. As featured in the video by SNN about the reconciliation of the two showbiz celebrities, it was seen and heard that Kris Aquino and Ai ai did have some no talk indifference but the first admitted that there is no war or so between them, they just stopped talking with each other for some time now.

And now that they have exchanged messages and get well greetings with each other, Kris on Ai for her getting sick the other day and Ai for Kris Aquino’s mother, the former president, Cory Aquino, all is well once more. We should not expect so much from the two. Let us allow them both to do it their way and do it on a gradual and natural way. It’s always good to know the people can come along well again after some time and this is a perfect example of it.

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