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Fliptop Lines and Words in Dello vs Loonie Rap Battle Sunugan Video from YouTube

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Some flip toppers in the local scene in the Philippines who didn’t know Dello sometimes call him mispelled as Delio but none the less, everybody in the flip top community knows it’s all the same and falls under one great big name in the arena. The name Loonie on the other hand is one in a million and I must admit although a couple of my nephews do battle it out sometimes making fun with words used in the rap battle, the family enjoys it over the table when we eat over celebration of our family reunion in Laguna last December 2011.

In addition to this, getting my curiosity, I tried using videos to find out who’s who and who gets to be the best in the rap singing lyrics battle with flip top words faceoff. I found out the 2 names I mentioned above to be one of the best if not the best in the Philippines Flip Top gangstas. I was lucky thought to find out that a video has been uploaded over in YouTube and getting quite enough visits from (who else) fliptopper around the community. See the video below.

Mag iwan ng inyong mga comments kung sino sa palagay ninyo ang pinaka astig kina Dello at Loonie sa ibaba. Mabuhay ang Pinoy Fliptop. Isa pa isa pa one more live battle pa nga. Sino may gusto? Ilagay din sa aking comment section.

Here is another fliptop battle video below, Target Vs Datu. Sabihin sa aking comments section sa ibaba kung sino ba ang weak at kung sino ang panalo.

Here is the Dellow Vs Target video.

Ngayon sabihin nyo na kung ano ang fliptop standings dito sa Pilipinas. Isigaw kung sino ang tunay na weak at kung sino ang freak. Sunugan na!

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