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Francis M Scandalous Photos from Stolen Laptop

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Francis M Photo
I heard a few people back in Makati talking about some allegedly circulating Francis M photos from his stolen Laptop when I went to a friend’s condo while in a jeep. I wasn’t yet sure what sort of pictures they are or who the master rapper is with in the photo. Initially from what I heard, it was a set of pictures of Francis Magalona with a certain Abegail Rait based on the invitation card below.

Francis M with Ring
Those guys talking about it said it was a collection of (scandalous) photos with a single girl in an intimate pose cheek to cheek. One of those pictures caught Francis M kissing the girl. You must’ve heard about the stolen laptop of Francis M back in their home in Antipolo a few weeks ago and now those pictures and other secrets of the master rapper must’ve found their way in the internet.

Franchesca Rait Christening

This could be yet another mess if those pictures (seemingly authentic) were really out there because of so many complications that it could bring about. I am not even sure how much scandalous damage of some sort it could give the family he left or the fans who believed in him if it means something else more than what those pictures / photos depict. If they are authentic, I bet this will be another mystery to uncover.

So it’s obvious that the photos were uploaded here late and I do not want to make any wrong impression on them, just trying to seek some answers through this blog. Make your comments because they are now all around in e-mails all over the offices and almost everywhere. If these scandalous Francis M photos were indeed authentic and if these came from the stolen Francis M laptop, then I believe that it’s either the crooks or the people who bought it already had their way inside the data to have it uploaded online for download.

Disclaimer: The photos / pictures here are just products of internet research and resources. Internet Philippines does not claim ownership or responsibility over them. The content written here are our opinion and does not necessarily mean absolute fact nor does it aim to discredit anyone through false information. We are just merely questioning why and how come these photos became available trying to understand the events related to it nothing more nothing less.

21 Responses to “Francis M Scandalous Photos from Stolen Laptop”

  • anniewang says:

    Hello?? Duh?? Why are you putting two and two together? I’ve heard about this story and did a search around the blogs. It seems that you’re the only person writing about this. Sorry ha hindi mag-pick up like the Hayden Kho thingy.

    The christening date in the invitation doesn’t jive. I think during that time Francis was already dying. I don’t know the purpose of this post. It’s too unfair. Francis is dead and can’t defend himself.

  • anniewang says:

    I’ve done a search like what you claimed and I reached this page already

    There are no such pictures on the net. You were the one who posted it. My post is waiting moderation. If you don’t allow my post, you have vested interest in this.

  • ica says:

    sana hayaan na lang natin si sir francis. tahimik na siya eh bakit ginugulo niyo pa? and speaking of the stolen laptop, malalagot ung gumawa nun. see you in hell. bull****!!!

  • jazzman says:

    wala naman si francis sa picture nun invitation eh at pwede naman pabingyagan un anak kahit wala si francis… un mga photos na kasama nya un girl eh siguradong luma na yan at hindi yan itong december lang

  • splatmaster says:

    walang taong perpekto.. bakit di nalang natin tignan kung anoi ang nagawa nya for us and to our country.. si rizal may mga babae din un.. pero ano sya? he is our national hero.. tama na to.. nanahimik na sya

  • switxel says:

    umm…. leave the family alone… kung gusto mo, ipublish ko rin un pix namin ni francis na nagkiss din sya sa akin eh…. heller.. kahit cno pwede lalo na kung fan ka ni francis. pictures are pictures.. it can tell a thousand stories… so kung madumi isip mo… un talaga ang iisipin mo.. at heller.. usong uso na kaya ang photoshop!!!! wag nyo na dungisin ang pangalan ng master rapper!!!!

  • bea says:

    … it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. If it is, we do not know the real story of his relationship with this girl anyway and there is no such perfect person in this world… all of us, at some point in our life, will deviate from the norms of our society, so let his soul rest and let this issue rest with him…….. let us not add up to the sadness experienced by his loved ones.

    to the person who had the audacity to spread these photos, I’m not sure what your intentions are, but whether it’s good or bad…. I believe in “karma.”

  • girl palaboy says:

    to anniewang, lets just respect the blogger for posting pics.. the same time respect francis. to each its own. if your not interested in knowing about this, then shut up and leave the site. its the bloggers free will to post these things, if u have anything againts it, set up ur own blog againts it. RESPECT!

  • girl palaboy says:

    pahabol lang.. if this girl was a fan, hand up ako sa knya for her to be able to sit at the passengers side of Francis’s car..

    The blogger had no intention siraan si francis. FracisM’s a legend, its just that, why would these photos be out if nothing really happend diba? it cant be mana from heaven na wala lang, it could be that someone wanted to make noise.. yun lang un. if you are against it cover your eyes and ears instead na awayin nyo un nag blog. if you look at this other blog site, ud see more than a fan pic.

  • slowww says:

    ano ba yan. la na yung tao. ganayn pa kayo.
    tao din sya nag kakamali din.

    nung nawala nga sya
    ninakawan pa sya.
    mga psp, at yung laptop nya. hmp

    tama na yan.

  • switxel says:

    at eto pa… if it was francis m’s baby, bakit hindi sinunod sa apelyido nya? e pwede naman un ngaun according to the family code ngaun pwede na isunod sa tatay un apelyido kahit hindi kasal… sus… tanga naman ng girl kung hindi pa pinalagay sa apelyido ni francis.. besides.. kung walang intensyon masama un nag post nito e bakit pa niya pinost? its obvious na sinisiraan si francis… bakit? perpekto ka bang tao? sabi nga sa bible… “let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”.. rest in peace kiko!

  • malou wang says:

    sino kayo para diktahan at usisain ang motibo ng blogger??? Diktador ba kayo? Censor? Walang pagkakaiba ito kung isang investigative reporter ang nag-ulat nito. Mind you, nag-ulat, naglahad at hindi nag-imbento ang ginawa. Iba na ang mundo, gising!!

    Wag na ring magpatay-malisya na hindi ito totoo, luma na (totoo parin) at kung anu-ano pang panakip-butas…….etc…etc….Kailangan pa bang makitang may malaswang video na gumagalaw, tulad ng kay Kho, para maniwala.

    May babae sya, eh ano ngayon? Mabuking man, eh ano ngayon? Ganun talaga eh. Pero wag pag-usapan, wag ipakita ang picture………patay na si Makoy!

  • kamote says:

    i got 12 pics of francis m with that girl, it so hard to believe
    but it seems true… i idolize francis so much and until now we mourn
    for the lost o a great rapper…. the master rapper…

    ibaon nalang sa limot ang nakaraan, masaya na ang hari,
    kaya awat na..

  • dezperado says:

    fu** who wrote this…this blog su***…tigilan na natin c Sir FrancisM. pede???kung cnu ka man nag post nito blog na toh wala ka bang konsensya?wala na nga ung tao tapos ipopost mo toh for publicity.damn hindi ka cguro or wala ka cgurong pinagaralan…stop this rumors…delete this ok…wag na natin palalain toh! a legend is a legend…

    • Philippines Review says:

      bossing “christian drew”. dahan dahan ka lang sa pagsasalita mo ng mga bastos na salita. pwede kitang ipa-trace dahil dito and you better know what cases could fall for such act. Let us all say our angst in a proper manner please? All I am posting here is according to what I have and I am just like you….. mad about this hard-to-accept turnaround if ever this is true. Hindi ako after sa publicity because this is what it is according to e-mails. This did not start with me, I also received it from an e-mail.

      Warning to all who comment using bad words. I am not threatening you or anyone but please understand that your e-mail address and IP address are recorded here and I can easily have you traced wherever you are from so please refrain from saying bad words here and this is to all who finds this post. Feel free to post anything you feel about the issue but please avoid initiating such conversation.

      I am just informing the public about this issue, christian. Totoo man ito or not we all still have to face that a person being dead is not an excuse that he will be buried with his/her past whether good or bad truth or lie. Parte ito ng naging buhay ng idol nating lahat and para sa akin, this does not change the fact that Francis M is still leaving us a legacy that no musician in the Philippines has ever done which is to awaken us all about what is going on.

      I just felt it would be better to post this than stay quiet dahil kung totoo ito ay hindi ko gustong maging parte ng mga kasinungalingan sa mundo and all lies do not spare anyone para sa akin. Sadly that includes SIR FRANCIS M. Hindi ko sinasabi na this is the absolute truth and I never claimed it is if you only read this post very well.

  • wayne magalona says:

    Just leave the guy alone and if you want to idolized somebody Idolized Jesus Christ cause his perfect. For the sake of the family and there peace with there father leave this issue alone this is a family matter. Thank you!

  • FoxyCher says:

    i am a blogger too but there are things na kahit malaking news sya, i choose not to post it out of respect sa mga taong involve lalo na if alam kong makaka sakit ng buong family. i still love and respect Francis M … sana tapusin na ang issue na to kasi kung mismong family nya nga hindi to inilabas, eh kayo pa na hindi naman involve. responsible blogging please!

    • Philippines Review says:

      My oh my, there’s nothing wrong with blogging about the truth and it does not necessarily mean that I don’t like the person (Francis M).

      For me there is nothing feelgood more than telling what’s the truth because that’s the only way we can be responsible bloggers.

      Sounding good in a comment by contradicting your own deeds is way worse than me blogging about Francis’ mistake in his life so others can learn.

      I don’t want to be personal here but did you take a look at yourself in the mirror before saying “responsible blogging please” in here?

      Your headline says “Noynoy: not a leader material” .. would this mean you being true to yourself more than being true to your readers?

      Did you ever know that justice delayed is justice denied? So how could there be justice if we hide things we learned to have the biggest possibility to be true? Kaya nga si Ninoy namatay dahil sinabi nya ang totoo. And to me that’s being responsible.

  • alexx says:

    Obvious na obvious kung gano ka ka-attention hungry at kadesperado to earn money online.
    Wag mo awayin the guy who said about being a responsible blogger kasi totoo naman sinasabi niya.
    Sana nirespeto mo nlang si Kiko and his family by keeping quiet about this matter. Masyado kang pasikat! Ienjoy mo your earnings from bashing other people while u can, who knows kasi kung when ka madededz lol

  • d_alamo says:

    francis m.a new voice of the nation thru his musik and lyrics…ang pagkamakabayan niya at pagmamahal sa pilipinas …makikita sa arts and lyrics…a pride of a nation…o kaysarap mamatay sa bayan ng may pagmamahal…..pano mo iibigin ang panginoon kung ang bayan mo d mo kayang ibigin…..tungkol s isyu…francis.m d n buhay n maging santo…our national hero..dming babae…mas guapo p c francis….sa tao n ginugol ang npkaraming oras tungkol sa paghahanap ng ka22hanan….nkakabilib k…kung hahanapan mo cya ng masama marami ka makikita…at ma22klasan..pero wla k mapapala…kung yun ang pangarap mo n hanapan cya ng baho…..npakadali….hanapan mo kya cya ng kabutihan…ano magagawa ntin guapo po yung tao…….hehehe

  • alakim says:

    totoo yan kc kpit bahay namin yang gurl..
    many times ko nakita ang master rapper ir sa lugar namin..
    haha cute kaya ng anak nila pinagbiyak na bunga..

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