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Francis Magalona is Dead: Internet Philippines Blog Condoles

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We all heard it all right today at noon, Francis Magalona is dead and he will be remembered. Balding yet strong in his last try to blog for fans to wish him luck in his 4th chemotherapy, Francis Magalona tried his best to recall all the strength that he will need in that chemotherapy. I personally didn’t hear about it. I didn’t believe it.

I don’t watch so much tv these days because 3/4 of my life is centered in the internet. I work full time for my family and so I didn’t believe it. although part of me still couldn’t understand I know deep within me I have to accept as well as Francis accepted his fate long ago but with the gut of his younger version. That which is what he was once when he graced the MTV during our times. I do not know his age but I know that we were almost of the same because I was in his years when Bagets was shown. “The master rapper who started it all is gone but he will be here.”He will be here because he is loved and cared from both his family and friends.

To Francis Magalona and his family, relatives and friends, the Internet Philippines Blog and me would like to express not just our deepest condolences, we would like you to know, that even if this is the first time his name was ever blogged here, he is loved and he will be remembered through this post. I will personally promote this post so a part of me and this blog will always be seen and remembered. May you rest in your deepest peace.

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