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Grace Lee and James Yap: What’s the score?

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Grace Lee James Yap

Grace Lee James Yap

After the Hope relationship controversy came the Mayen Austria scandal. Now, there is another one for the cager and MVP player of year, 2010, James Yap. According to reports, there is an existing Grace Lee and James Yap relationship. After searching over the internet for 2 days, finally, I got a hold of an unconfirmed article written by Pinoy Gossip Boy claiming that he had a source who once told him that James Yap took the personal number of a certain Grace Lee from Kapuso Network Channel 7.

Below is how it goes for the written article story of PGB in his blog at Pinoy Gossip Boy.

“James and Grace were allegedly spotted in a salon together. To which the Korean Kapuso star affirmed saying that they go to the same salon. Grace, however, clarified that they never talked nor even exchanged hellos.” (

James Yap Photo

James Yap Photo

If any of this is true, chances are, the reason why Kris Aquino came to a point where she wants to divorce her husband, James Yap could be Grace Lee. But another question is what’s the real score between Grace Lee and James Yap? Why wasn’t there any hear on this Grace Lee issue over the internet and on showbiz buzz programs early on?

Well, I think that only those people who are involved can confirm this rumor. We won’t know all about it unless somebody speaks. One thing for sure, Kris has had it all to just go a leave her beloved cager husband, James Yap. I personally wish that all these would go well for both parties.

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