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He’s Beautiful Cast: Jang Geun-Suk Photo

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Below is a copy of the photo of Jang Geun Suk / Jang Geun Seok who played the role of Hwang Tae Kyong in He’s Beautiful tagalog dubbed teleserye which is originally a Koreanovela drama. We have posted previously about his biography and movies as well as television (TV) appearance. He’s Beautiful drama original title is You’re Beautiful.

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae-Kyeong - He's Beautiful

Photo of Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae-Kyeong in He's Beautiful Teleserye

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38 Responses to “He’s Beautiful Cast: Jang Geun-Suk Photo”

  • marimarmrorillo says:

    …^_~ AnHu nBA yan.. PAmaTAy PFUe Un6 PALAbaS nIu na He’s Beautiful !!! NAloloKAH pfuE aQuO xAinIu!!!

  • julie says:

    can i ask something???
    that tae kyung of he’s beautiful and the guy (i forgot he’s name) on huang jini is the same im curious only!!!!
    thank you

  • ghasha says:

    ilove he’s beatiful <3 <3 <3

  • ruby jean luyahan says:

    i really like jang geun suk so much…..not by bieng gud looking but because of bieng talented,,….hopr he wil go here in the philippines…love yah oppa

  • ruby jean luyahan says:

    yah…hes kim eun ho in hwang jini…<<< i relly like him…so talented and gud looking ever…i relly love hes beautiful,….kahit ultulititn…buy the way..i also like….goin bulilits imitation of youre beautiful…

  • jonah says:

    cUte tlaga ni tae kyong!!!

  • icel says:

    super luk q and “he’s beautiful”. . . . kakakilig!!!
    cute ni tea kyung! xa and 1st crush q sa korean showbiz. napanood q na xa sa hwang jini palang!! love u Jang Geun Suk! mwahhhh.

  • icel says:

    pwede ask sa face book account nya? plz

  • sandy says:

    ang gwapo mo talaga Jang Geun Suk….!!!!

  • norcaya sarip says:

    ang gnda tlaga ng he’s beautiful………….at ang gwapo ni teakyung
    bk8 nmn poh nalpt ng oras sna nmn poh maibalik ung dating oras…….

  • sarah adviento says:

    ANNYONG HASHIMNIGA Jang Geun Suk ……….
    sarang he!!!!!!!!!!! kakakilig kayo no go mi nam …..
    sana punta kayo dito sa pilipinas …….gwapo mo tae kyung I LOVE U ……………
    SARANG HE!!!!!!!!!!
    A.N. JELL ganda ng mga songs niyo lagi kong pinapakinggan sa computer ko , ang gwapo mo talaga TAE KYUNG …………
    naloloka ako sa palabas niyo grabe!!!!!!!!!

    SARANG HE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really love hes beautiful……………….

  • rapunzel says:

    ,,,,,,,,,,,i love it so much……………

  • luningning molinar says:

    gwapo u po talaga………Jang Geun Suk
    nakakaloka ka………….

    sarang he!!!!!!!!!^_^

  • fredelyn says:

    .. . whoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!! ang pogi mu tlga tae kyung!!
    astig!!! the best talaga kau .

  • paola says:

    your so cute jang geun suk!!!!!!!!

  • caren albelda says:

    kakilig talaga ang hes beautiful “i love it”

  • michelle barcelona says:

    i love u jang geun suk sna mkita kta s prsonal….. ang cute mo tlaga

  • aileene quebec says:

    WE LOVE YOU JANG GEUN SUK,sana makita kita sa personal,,

  • mavel anoyo says:

    i want to see u in personal

  • robie grace says:

    ang gwapo ni jang geun suk sooooooooooooobra talaga over na over kinikilig ako

  • fan says:

    ang bagal ko kasi magtype,,,, ur so handsome really handsome taekyong talaga.. miss ko na ang he’s beautiful grabe,,, kahit may rewind ng weekdays morning,, still i cant watch because of my scooling,,,, sobrang ganda talaga ng show nio dito sa phillippines kung pwede sana mag request na sana ay my full rewind ng show niyo kahit kelan,,, i hope kahit tagalog-english ang comment ko,, hope that you understand and read this……. ang pogi mo talaga,,, grabe,,, im one of ur die hard fans but forever one of people hu admire u… is there time or date,month that u can visit philippines especially lipa city,batangas? you can perform in sm lipa or robinsons lipa. this ends my comment to you, hoping for your true and immediate reply.thank you.pogi mo

  • Eibrab says:

    i am a big fan of he’s beautiful…at first i like shin woo for mi nam bcoz he always catches mi nam everytime tae kyeong will hurt her feelings. but lately when tae kyeong admitted his love for mi nam…that’s the best episode i would repeatedly watch (in the airport). im looking for a dvd so i can watch this in full at one sitting!!! “nakakakilig how tae-kyeong express his love” even with pride & snobbish

  • joan says:

    i hope you visit in pilippines grabe you are so so so cute …im no one pans you..

  • joan says:

    bagay na bagay kayo ni park shin hye i hope maging kayo..ang pogi mo super duper handsome…i love you..

  • joan says:

    …saranghae….jang geun suk..

  • joan says:

    pwede makuha facebook account nya,..plz.plz..plz…………….plzzzzzzzz..

  • janeth says:

    your handsome, but i dont like your eye because he like the girl,you look like a girl,that all.

  • cathy says:

    soo cute moh Jang Geun Suk.. talented.. sana mayron pa kaayong another korean novela na ipapalabas sa pinas

  • kimberly says:

    i realy like your so gwapo ilove you

  • tine-tine says:

    sana mas broad pa ung story ng he’s beautiful, but anyway super ganda cya khit parang bitin..

  • tine-tine says:

    youuuuuurrrrrrrrrr soooooooooo handsome hyung nim….

  • claren buela says:

    ,hay ang cute mo?!

  • neysa says:

    Jang geun suk hope that He’s beautiful will having a part 2

    The fans miss you,park shin hye,lee hong ki,jung yong hwa

    Sarang hae

  • yuli dwi nuryani says:

    aduh serial dramanya bagus buanget q denger2 sih bakalan ada he’s beautiful season 2 ini juga informadi buat para penggemar drama korea kiya tunggu aja y kapan di rillisdiindonesia jangan sampai ketinggalan y

  • jessa says:

    ang cute nia grave … !!!! i love yah …

  • thi-en says:

    love so much jang geun-suk….
    kpan nih dtg ke Indonesia..????

  • czarina says:

    ….e0w p0eh………lam muh l0ve nah l0ve q0uh p0uh qau……..hehe……n0.1 fan ni0 p0uh qau…..lagi q0u nan0n0od ng hes beautiful eh…………l0ve y0u………………………

  • avy says:

    hello…jang geun suk ….alam gwapo m tlaga,,,,super cute m…dami mong pans m d2 s philipines

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