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James Yap and Kris Aquino

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James Yap and Kris Aquino, perfect combination as they call it These two partners seem to really be meant for each other. This is because after all that Kris Aquino has been through in her life and love before with failed relationships with other celebrities James Yap accepted and loved her with a seemingly unconditional love. James Yap on the other hand, after being in a relationship with Kris Aquino and getting tangled up in a controversy with a Vicky Belo Clinic employee named Hope, Kris Aquino accepted everything.

Amidst all these controversies, James Yap and Kris Aquino remained intact and together and still going strong. In the middle of realtionship problems and trials, they remained in each other’s heart as close to god as they were blessed with love to each other. Perfect combination indeed according to my wife who adores Kris Aquino so much and loves her combination with James Yap.

It’s new year once more and we all want a life that’s good and positive in all aspects, perhaps the same reason people have always looked upon something to maintain a solid relationship. On the other hand, it seems with all that relationships and people look for, James Yap and Kris Aquino found just each other to cherish and love throught time and to make each other feel the love they give to one another. Perfect combination – James Yap and Kris Aquino 2009 new year.

5 Responses to “James Yap and Kris Aquino”

  • Lea belle says:

    i love Ms.Kris Aquino & James Yap..nobody is perfect kaya normal lang na mag-away sila sometimes…one of my perfect couple in showbiz
    1) Ms.Vilma Santos & Se.Ralf Recto
    2) Ms.Sharon & Se. Pangilinan
    3) Ms.Kris A. & James Yap
    4) Lorna T. & Daboy
    5) Susan Roces & Fernando Poe
    6)Maricel Laxa & Atty. Pangilinan
    a lot naman ang perfect combination sa showbiz..learning from previous was a good experience.

    We love u

  • psycho says:

    Front page on Philippine Daily Inquirer 1/15/10: Kris rages outside home of James’ rumored girl.

    Then Boy Abunda will tone it down?

    Was it a fact that it was really her husband’s girl or just friends? Did she took time to find out?

    People may defend her, saying it’s only a natural reaction?

    I don’t think so.

    Poor Noynoy! You don’t need your fellow candidates to pull you down. Kris will do it for you!

    James Yap, be man enough! Drop the bitch (Kris)! You’re still young. Why in hell did you marry her in the first place if you haven’t enjoyed your bachelor life? Perhaps having former relationships with married men- karma just got back at her?

  • Jeshica says:

    I love Kris. She might be tactless at times, but I still love her. I find her very honest. It is her right to fight for her marriage. At least she is trying to fix her marriage and trying to make it work. It was a good decision that she decided to talk to the party involved. I don’t believe that Kris would stoop down to her level and jeopardize her image by going berserk over her husband’s infidelity. She made a smart move by fixing it first, talking to her husband and talking to the party involved. I hope that everyone should stop linking this issue to her brother’s political career. Go Krissie!! :-)

  • ingrid joy camago says:

    maam kris tama ng kaartihan mo pls

  • Norz says:

    don’t judge Kris with all this problem she knows what s best for her and her children, she deserves respect anyway,if someone will judge her try 2 look first urself! baka mas marumi p ka u sa kanya. jerrk

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