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Mayen Austria: James Yap’s New Girl?

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It was Mayen Austria (rumored James Yap new girl) according to an article at Philippine Daily Inquirer that caused Kris Aquino to go split her mind and go berserk and go straight at her house to confront Mayen and eventually, her mom who went outside to see what’s going on.

If you read it from the early news today, there is another version by Kris Aquino’s bestest friend and co-host from The Buzz, Boy Abunda. But if the statement is true that James is even using his cellphone in front of Kris Aquino to talk to this “Purefoods Team Fan” there must be something about that fan. Read below a part of an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Abunda insisted that Aquino “spoke in a very low voice” during her conversation with the Austrias.

He also said Mayen was not Yap’s girlfriend but a fan of his professional basketball team, Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants.

“In all fairness to James, he did not hide from Kris that he was talking with the girl. I think he even used his phone in front of Kris,” Abunda stressed.

My god are we that dumb to think that a “mere ordinary fan” will be given time by James Yap talking to his cellphone with and using it in front of his wife, Kris Aquino if there is nothing else going on in the conversation?

“In fairness to James? My oh my… what’s fair with talking and giving your own personal cellphone number and time to just a “not so known fan”? No offense to fans of TJ Hotdogs (I love this team btw) out there but there is something fishy here.

I mean I don’t get the picture. I can’t imagine some celebrity giving his own cellphone number to a fan. How many of you basketball players, celebrities, showbiz personalities would do just that? Can I get yours Mr Boy Abunda? Well, just asking and trying to get the logical thinking of my brain to work today but no… Nada. I won’t even need my brain to work on this and understand what’s going on.

For all we know the Aquinos especially Kris and James loves privacy only to be broken while being together just to talk to some Purefoods Basketball Team fan. A Mayen Austria? Who’s she anyway?

“I do not want to hypothesize but I see something else here” a friend told me. Asking me… Could this could be the reason why give up the house at Valle Verde 2 for a new place (condo)? No offense, my friend could be wrong and I could be wrong on all these rumors and controversies. So I leave it up to a curse that “May those who do not tell the truth rot in hell”. Still on my way to looking for photos of Mayen Austria but found none yet.

Watch Kris Aquino’s Statement in The Buzz on this issue.

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14 Responses to “Mayen Austria: James Yap’s New Girl?”

  • dayang says:

    walang facebook account si austria…jologs!

  • Fan says:

    hindi kya ito yon? joke..

  • emote says:

    Austrias are friends of the Teopaco’s (youngest sis of cory) and the Aquinos order cupcakes from the Austrias. so the phone numbers should not be questioned. if mayen is a fan, she must not be a “lowly fan” like anyone else. hellooo.

    kris wouldnt be scared if mayen is just another girl — so the question “who is she anyway” is just so stupid.

  • emote says:

    if you don’t get the picture, you must be so stupid.

  • ria irish says:

    walang facebook? hanapin sa friendster. mwahahahaha.

    friends lang sila… with benefits.

  • whatever says:

    the reason why kris is giving up her house at valle for a condo is to support noynoy in his campaign. she sold her house so that they’ll have campaign funds. make sure to research first. get your article straight.

  • bhie says:

    parang tanga lang ung article mo. puro criticism wala namang basis. you are no better person than anyone involved in this issue so puhleezz if you can’t say anything good and factual, just drop it!

    My god are we that dumb to think that a “mere ordinary fan” will be given time by James Yap talking to his cellphone with and using it in front of his wife, Kris Aquino if there is nothing else going on in the conversation?

    nakakatawa. ikaw lang ang dumb para isipin yan. hahaha tawag sayo. Gatong!

  • Vading Dong Dantes says:

    Correction lang po kuya. Kaibigan po ni James si Mayen na nag kataon na fan din. Para pong kayo kuya. Di niyo po ba fan si Tetay and at the same time friend din? Even before Kris met James eh matagal na sila magkakilala ni Mayen. Alamin niyo po muna ang facts bago kayo mag tatalak diyan.

  • cute.lermz says:

    ang pangit ni mayen austria… dont be insecure…!!!!!

  • cute.lermz says:

    OMG….manahimik ka nalang mayen… kasi di kayo kalevel ni kris… better maghanap ka nalang ng taxi driver…bagay sa’yo… hahahahah… lol

  • sheila says:

    mayen austria?what kind of a girl are you?parang kang alien na pokpok na wlang pinag-aralan na walang hiya na walang puso……may asawa na yung tao dikit ka nang dikit kay james…,makati ba ang iyong mabahong vagina?…..heheheh nakakahiya ka naman…..sana ng panahon may pamilya ka at mga anak..,karmahin ka..,tignan natin ano kasakit ang ma feel mo!….eeewww nkakahiya ka..hope you realize na hindi tama ang mga ginagawa mo!…wala ka bang diyos?mahiya ka sa balat mo….

  • reaper says:

    “May those who do not tell the truth rot in hell”. <also may those who shove their unfounded thoughts down people's throats and trample on people's privacy ROT IN HELL. I mean, seriously, wtf. Get a life and stop whining about other people's lives. If they don't want to share their private lives then it's their right.

  • miraha p. mallari says:

    Sa hiwalayan ng james at kris, I would say na love na love talaga ni kris si james, Kasi kahit lupa at langit ang kalagayan nila, kris married him, no matter what people say. I can relate to that, what she feel, I married somebody semilar to her situation, I love the guy and married, after having a child from him bali wala na ako sa kanya, Parang feeling ko ako lang ang nagmamahal at naghihirap sa situation, laging nagbibigay, pero ito ang masasabi once na meron ako napatunayan na meron siyang babae hihiwalay ako walang second forgivenes! hindi ako magdadalawang isip. kahit na anong mangyari sa aming mag-ina, I will do it no doubt. TAMA SI KRIS ULIT -ULIT LANG DI BA. SORRY LANG LAGI?/// nO… PAGMERON NG IBA ANG ASAWA IWANAN MO NA PARA ANO PA… i WILL DO SAME THING SHE DID..KRIS I ADMIRE YOU FOR being strong and stand for yourself kayang-kaya mo yan. It is not you lose but him… Continue what your doing now… lalo ka lang lalakas niya…saludo ako sayo… no reason for the shit he created……….You are very strong and you win coz you have the gutttzzzzzz to do it……..FILIPINOS LOVES YOU…. CONTINUE DOING GOOD TO OTHERS……….YOUR VERY SPECIALLL. iDOL KITA… STRONG WOMAN NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING,,, MORE POWER,,,,,,,

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