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Miley Cyrus is Top Teen Millionaire

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Yes, the top teen millionaire of today is Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Stuart. Al three names sharing one dream and one pocket to get to the top of the list at People’s Magazine according to the MTV article I just read late today. Although the article is a little bit old as released last year of April, still, I believe that with what’s been going on with Miley Cyrus right now, she is still one of the top teem millionaires in the U.S. to to date.

Miley Cyrus, the daughter of well known singer Billy Ray Cyrus is said to bag the top teen earner trophy last year 2008 and that’s some news for a 15 year-old these days. Sharing with Miley cyrus, bagging the trophy for being on top over the others are, the Jonas Brothers, Zac Efron, Daniel Radcliffe and Dakota Fanning.

Despite her young age, Miley has had the best of her time doing movies, attending concerts here and there as well as doing her own TV show with her dad, Billy which by the way, my daughter really loves to see on Saturdays here in the Philippines in the cable TV.

I also adore this young kid whenever I see her dig those lines and get confused over her true identity as Hannah Montana the superstar and the Miley Cyrus home grown kid so very loved by her dad and her funny brother. I really love the Hannah Montana in her when she sings out her voice with a little bit of a husky voice. Wow, this is where my daughter would love to go giggle in all the time. She even says it’s cool to watch the best of both worlds  superstar, Miley on TV.

3 Responses to “Miley Cyrus is Top Teen Millionaire”

  • britany says:

    I hate miley cyrus and i hope she becomes poor because she doesnt deserve the money she has. she is a really bad role model to little kids and she is going to get more attention and money by acting like linsay lohan or paris hilton. she also souldnt date nick because he is too good for her.

  • Teens Job Search says:

    Thanks for the sharing. We were looking for this!

  • angel says:

    so what?..i love miley…she deserved the money she has b.cos she is not only a hardworking young lady but also a very good girl..she is my model especially in fashion…

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