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PBB Double Up: Annina Ucatis Super G Wiki

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Just cross posting this short profile bio of PBB Double Up “Super G” Annina Ucatis. Annina is from Germany who is the previous guest in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate here in the Philippines.

You will find more of her in my upcoming posts that will feature video and photos of Super G as part of this biography / wiki. Subscribe to our feeds below to get the insider updates.

Annina Ucatis a.k.a. “Super G” was born in Germany speicifically in Bremerhaven in Northwestern Germany. Previously, Annina is a real estate agent. After having an initial breast implant, Annina already got the confidence to work as a model. that didn’t stop there as she had 2 more implants according to reports I’ve read. She used to be a C cup natural size but after the operation, she became D cup back in 2004.

Today, she already had her 3rd and final breast implant which others say she got addicted to allowed her to become a G cup size. This is probably the reason why she is called today as “Super G”. Annina Ucatis is last week’s guest star in PBB Double Up reality tv show.

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