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Rin On The Rox Getting Suspended in YT

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Is it true or is it a rumor? Rin on the Rox is suspended in YouTube according to an e-mail that was automatically sent to me by a group I joined – PBS or the Philippine Blogging Society. I bet others of you out there also received this e-mail in your Yahoo Groups e-mail subscription. This is most likely because you are also a member of PBS. I’m sorry I cannot talk about the details because when I checked in YT today, all their videos were still there.

What I am not sure about is that if Rin on the Rox was suspended in YouTube, then why are their videos still appearing and available widely in the said Google-managed video uploading platform? Who could be responsible for this news if they call it news because for me, this is rumor.

Well the best thing is the Fil-Am duo named after their own nicknames Rin and Rox who used to work in a Chinese restaurant now were popular. They did seem to loose their old accountin YouTube but I’m not so sure if that can be called getting suspended because now they are back with the new account hiphopRinRox. See them there.

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