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Sharon Cuneta and Her 3M Hermes Birkin Designer Bag

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The secret finally got out as the revelation came in SNN Showbiz News Ngayon who the celebrity actress behind the 3 M worth of a single designer bag. It was the Megastar, Ms. Sharon Cuneta after all, the mystery actress who got herself an estimated 3 M worth of designer bag in Hermes Birkin after 30 years of showbiz blessings.

According to the SNN show, the designer bag was only estimated to be about 3 M while the make was from a crocodile skin and branded as a Hermes Birkin. The Megastar said that she was touched by someone telling her that it’s about time that she reward herself with something valuable after 30 years of hardwork in showbiz.

Sharon Cuneta is also collecting stuff like DVD’s, books and magazines. Meanwhile, Megastar daughter said that “she earned it” and there’s nothing wrong with awarding yourself with something of your passion much more knowing that you worked for that. It’s how people get to become happier so it’s just the right thing in my own opinion.

One Response to “Sharon Cuneta and Her 3M Hermes Birkin Designer Bag”

  • Bernadette Steffens says:

    Sharon really deserves whatever she wants to have because she has been around showbusiness for quite some time and that she has proven her worth through the years. Its about time she reward herself for being a dedicated artist, mother, and a person who has withstand the test of times. So to all the ladies out there, dont hesitate to reward yourself for doing something good and unselfish. We all need a good reward once in awhile to remind us that we deserve a good life after all.

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