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Top Paid Atheletes of 2010

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Below is our list of the highest / top paid atheletes in the world for the year 2010. Some data here are gathered from online research and may also be found in Forbes Magazine as well as other sites. Inaccuracy of the data may occur but we do not take any responsibility on them. If you find anything of discrepancy on the details / data especially the figures below, please do contact us or leave us a comment and we will investigate on it and act on it as soon as we can.

1) Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, although his career went down with controversies right and left, still managed to earn $110 million this year, making him on top of the food chain for. According to some reports, Tiger Woods is the first athlete to earn $1 billion USD during his career topping list among the highest paid athletes in the world.

2) Kobe Bryant

One of the greatest players in the NBA today after Michael Jordan, the ‘Black Mamba’ a.k.a. Kobe Bryant was reported to have earned a figure of about $21 million a year plus other endorsements makes him range at $45 million.

3) Michael Jordan

Retired, but earnings still going strong because or royalties and brands to his name like the shoes on Jordan brand which gave the basketball player a sales are worth a cool $1 billion. With most of the thanks to Nike, Jordan is one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

4) Kimi Raikkonen

The highest paid Formula 1 driver. Kimi Raikkonen is the world’s hottest driver in the league and that earns him not just prestige but lucrative endorsements and a nice wad of cash from Ferrari every year. He is tied at $45 million.

5) David Beckham

Everybody know DB. The famous football player from England is set to make $42 million with prestigious deals for companies such as Giorgio Armani and Adidas. Currently, David Beckham is on contract to Los Angeles Galaxy, but has temporarily been loaned out to AC Milan.

6) LeBron James

One of the highest paid basketball players in the NBA, LeBron James do gets the highest possible wage under NBA rules. He is also tied at $40 million.

7) Phil Mickelson

A pro-golfer, Phil Michaelson is on this list. Spopnsorship rains in his camp with regular paid and won tournaments, he definitely made a fortune. He is tied at $40 million.

8) Manny Pacquiao

A Filipino as I am, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is one of the worlds most well known boxers, with his lethal handspeed and power behind his punches to annihilate almost all existing opponents on his way since he defeated Ledwaba. He is tied at $40 million.

9) Valentino Rossi

One of the leading cyclist rider in motorcycle racing winning here and there, this man is getting paid by Yamaha alone amounting to $16 million a year just to ride for their machnes. With endorsements and deals like this included on his purse, he earns in excess of $35 million this year.

10) Dale Earnhardt

A popular NASCAR driver ever to appear in the sport, Earnhardt has earned twice as much as his closest rivals. Sponsorship and merchandising deals is what makes up the purse of Dale Earnhardt Jr. making him set to earn $34 million this year.

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