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Was There Any Francis M and Abegail Rait?

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So based on the circulating scandalous pictures of Francis M from his stolen laptop, you can see a woman in those set of photos roaming around in e-mails. I would just like to ask if there was really ever any Francis M and Abegail Rait out there or were the pictures true?

I bet after seeing my post which included the pictures that the same question will be in your minds, who is Abegail Rait and who is the little girl in the christening invitation letter named Gaile Franchesca Rait? Was she also Francis M’s daughter? Is Francis Magalona married to that certain Abegail Rait?

Many questions but so little answers because if ever those circulating e-mails of Francis Magalona picrtures in the stolen laptop were authentic, then those two hands with identical wedding rings could be the hands of Abegail and Francis M. Again just asking because I too like the others who have seen the set of photos were confused.

Kiko was known to have been a good family man to his wife and kids and he couldn’t have done it but from what those pictures say, it could all just make sense. We all make mistakes. We all sin. We all are human.

16 Responses to “Was There Any Francis M and Abegail Rait?”

  • Jane says:

    is this true? I also saw the pictures, seems authentic

  • Awtzzz says:

    I’ve seen the photos. If he is really married with another girl, isn’t that a crime? As for the baby girl, she doesn’t have any pictures with FrancisM so we can’t actually prove that, but they have the same eyes. For the invitation, that can be faked. Intriguing.

  • Liz says:

    i agree and i can’t believe it. This is interesting. i wonder what pia has to say about this

  • Nickzie says:

    i bet his not married with her… Just look at the full name of the child, they did not even use Magalona for her.

  • Rem says:

    Not using Magalona, if that child is really theirs, was done on purpose. If this is true, well this will sadden the fans and the country. But everybody makes mistakes. How I wish the picture of the child was not circulated. I am on that period of denial. “This isn’t true” my heart says. But the pictures…

    The more I feel bad with the person who uploaded this. What benefit he/she gets?

  • angel says:

    I agree with Rem, Francis M is dead people! If ever that’s true, why can’t they just leave that dark past alone? I nearly cried when i saw the pictures and I feel what Pia would exactly feel if this scandal reaches them..

  • sweetposh says:

    we may have seen and heard about the late Francis M’s good deeds when he was still alive and out of respect, we only brought out what was best in him.. disregarded all his faults including the drugs issues.. who are we to judge or misjudge?.. but the photos have spoken for themselves..

    i think, pia was also married before she lived with Kiko and started their big family. if ever abby and kiko got married while pia and kiko were still together (w/c is evident), who cares about these photos now? they serve no sense as kiko will never get to defend himself..

    i just hope they never included the baby’s pics in the uploading.. she’s innocent and should not be dragged in any of her parents’ mistakes..for Abby Rait.. i suggest you protect your daughter more than anyone else in this world…

  • kloe says:

    let the man rest in peace!

    assuming for the sake of argument that this is true…it’s no extraordinary thing in showbiz…FPJ was also tagged as a family man…but he also had a child with another woman… so there’s nothing new about this…

    about pia, don’t you guys think that pia might have known this already…from francis m himself…in his death-bed….

    i agree with sweetposh, whoever initiated the uploading of these pics to the internet, you should have not dragged the baby kung totoo man nga to…she’s innocent…and for God’s sake, she’s a baby! kung tatay man nga nya si francis m, di ba nakakaawa sya coz lalaki syang walang ama…

    i just hope this issue wil rest in peace as well….

  • Eric says:

    Leave the man alone. Let us not make superficial judgements. His contributions span from the walls of music well into the spheres of nationalism.

    Let one who has not sinned jump outside the window.

  • Gloria says:

    sa lahat ng mga nagbibitaw ng hindi magagandang salita para kay abegail.malilinis ba kayo?sinasabi nyong kabet si abegail.para sa inyong kaalaman,walang pinakasalan si idol sa pilipinas.kaya paano magiging kabet si pagkakaalam ko si pia arroyo ay ikinasal sa amerika sa ama ng 2 anak nya at ikinasal naman sila ni idol sa hongkong.ang lalabas ngaun si idol ang lumalabas na kabet ni pia arroyo.sensya na pia ha.pwera na lang kung divorced na kayo ng unang pinakasalan mo sa amerika.pero hindi pa din kayo kasal ni idol sa pilipinas di ba.
    sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa ni idol

  • anonymous girl says:

    hi. i can say that it is true that abegail rait and francis m really had a relationship. abby is turning 27yo this year, lives in imus, cavite w/ their “lovechild” and an FA from asiana airlines. the 2 met when FAs of asiana airlines guested on eat bulaga’s game show (can’t recall though) few years back. kiko would visit abby in cavite during night time during her pregnancy to avoid “tsismis” but kiko is diagnosed already of cancer then and on the christening of their “lovechild” kiko is already sick in bed. abby is a nice and sweet girl but fell inlove w/ a married man.

  • leiah says:

    i don’t think they’re married, kc nde nman rait ang surname ni francis dba, for crying out loud… think! think! think!

    i was appalled actually when i learned about it on the net, felt bad too kc being a married person myself, i feel sad whenever i hear about some couples breaking up or going astray, but after some deep thoughts, i realized that whatever the truth is, am sure francis had his reasons. we should not judge, period.

  • dna says:

    Abby is my niece, we are living together in a compound & aside her nanny I am also taking care of her daughter,my grandchild,Gaile.We are living peacefully & happily despite of the fact that Francis Magalona, the father of my grandchild have passed away.Abby has a decent job.She can support & sustain the needs of her daughter and she’s not asking or making amendments for money, publicity or anything.The only thing wrong is that Abby fell in love with Kiko.But who are we going to blame at?Kiko came into our house pleasantly and we accepted (accepting Kiko for Abby is not that easy) him warmly because we love Abby so much.During Abby’s pregnancy, Kiko cooks for her whenever he finds a free time.I just remember last January when Kiko called Abby by phone and the loudspeaker is turned on,I intended to be heard by Kiko singing Kaleidoscope World with her daughter Gaile as she sings with me in her own childish way (of course w/out lyrics).I heard Kiko laughs aloud and said “ANG GALING NAMAN NG ANAK KO”.What a very touching & yet inspiring incident.Despite of all the pain he’s taking at that time,he still know how to laugh,and has way to be happy that is just a bit of his sufferings.When Kiko died,Abby grieved, the whole family grieved.We came in Kiko’s burial because he’s been a good man to us and that made all of us affected.

  • dna says:

    We don’t mind whatever other people think about Abby,Kiko & Gaile.Nobody has a perfect life but everybody deserves a happy and peaceful life.And we are happy because behind all of this, we are so blessed, we have an angel and she is Gaile Francesca.She’s an innocent child who really deserves a simple, quiet and happy life.
    To those who are posting and sharing their comments on blogs over the internet, please do think about it.Are you happy with what you are doing?And will be FRANCIS MAGALONA be at peace?

  • anonymous says:

    Don’t you think that the pics could actually come from the girl herself? Those seem like personal pics since most of the photos looks like were taken themselves.

    Well you guys are right, whoever posted the pics, mahiya ka naman, dinamay mo pa yung bata.

  • valerie says:

    The pictures are real, I know Abby, she’s a pretty and good girl at some point we had been friends in college, graduated the same year, i believe she’s still working for cebu pacific as a flight attendant. They have a child who looks very much like kiko and nobody’s perfect so leave the dead man alone as well as the innocent child, as for Abby, she never intended to be dragged into the eyes of the public. She just wants to live a quiet life with her daughter and she’s still mourning with the passing of kiko.

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