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Were Secret Francis M Photos Real?

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In my previous post about the stolen Francis Magalona laptop (the master rapper) and the alleged secret Francis M photos that were circulating in the internet and e-mails today, nobody is still sure if they are authentic. Even I could not believe it but the question is not if they are real or not but more on does this change his legacy? He is the man and will always be the man for me and for many of us… that we know!

Francis M Secret Photo
We all know that it is pretty easy to do a job with photos especially with the technology that we have today regarding editing of pictures and images. With the fast spread of information in the internet and with issues those Francis M secret photos allegedly from the stolen laptop from his house in Antipolo, no one is still sure if they’re authentic.

Doubts, speculations, opinions, mixed emotions and questions have been flying all around. Comments have started to pour out in my previous posts but the thing is, whatever those photos or pictures mean or if they are authentic or not, no one can question the legacy that the master rapper has left us, both in the music scene and in the lives of the Filipinos. I bet nothing and no one can change that and nothing can take it from those who believe. The fact that Francis M gave us all another chance to unite even for a few days up to forever of our mourn for a great man that has awakened us (that includes me) will always be the one true fact.

Allow me to put these quotes /notes here from a blogger who commented on one of my first posts about the issue of the secret photos and the stolen laptop. I adore you whoever you are…. I adore you for this short note:

“Too bad your secrets weren’t buried with you in your grave. And I refuse to post the pictures here or even mention your name. That’s what Rest In Peace really means for me. And I don’t think I need to. People will do it for me… in TV, paper and forward ‘em in email.

You’re just a man who fell in love with a woman other than your wife.

People are not to judge.”


I guess with this note, the person (Kaye) who made the comment on my first blog post about this issue knew first hand what was coming…..

8 Responses to “Were Secret Francis M Photos Real?”

  • Ria says:

    I saw from the other blogs that Pia Magalona was offering money for the return of the laptop because aside from the sentimental value of the item, there are contents that are for the “family” only. could it be that she knows? if she does, then my respect goes for francism as a musician (albeit a man who fell in love with a woman other than his wife), and my even BIGGER respect for Pia, as a woman who endured and still stuck with the man, albeit everything.

  • shaz says:

    i agree with you. the reason i got here is that someone forwarded me those photos via e-mail, and my initial reaction is, so what? it is none of my business, regardless that he was a public figure. i refuse to pass the photos on, and it will end with me if i could help it. i guess if people only have the sense of propriety to filter information they are fed with, and forward only those that can help the collective good, then we are a much better society than we have ever been….

  • aurea says:

    i bet they have settled this within the family even before francis m died. it’s just sad that many people just so make use of the web intending for the scoop regardless of the consequences. i agree with shaz, i think she nailed it.

  • TheOtherWoman says:

    i got so worked up when i received the email containing pictures of Francis M and this girl. I checked his picture from his multiply page, the ring he was wearing seems identical.
    in any case, whether it’s true or not – Kaye’s right ” He’s just a man who fell inlove with a woman other than his wife”
    LOVE is LOVE people. There’s just no explaination about it, it may be wrong, but Love is simply just love.

  • Mrs.Rapper says:

    He’s still the Man from Manila the we had loved, are still loving, and will still be loving.

    Kudos to Pia for keeping such a great composure amidst all these! Our sympathy is with you…

  • malou wang says:

    Kaleidoscope World we live in, iba-iba talaga ang tao. Wala kayong magagawa. May nambabae, may martyr, may umiibig, may naiinggit. Ganun ang mundo at hindi magbabago. Kahit anu pang sabihin natin, hindi ito magbabago, lalabas at lalabas ito.

    Lahat ng tao, may itinatagong baho. Dont be NAIVE!! Kung lumabas man, eh ano ngayon, ikaw ba wala.

    Isa pa, parating may “2 sides of the story”. Abangan na lang natin kay Pia, para sa mga mahilig sa chismis.

  • dj rearef says:

    ikaw ang aking idolo at pangarap ko n makasalo sa intablablado ikaw bukas at ang wakas nagbigay liwanag sa aking buhay mula koliedo hangang bayan ko nakikinig sa musikang ginawa
    at tatapusin ko ang yung sinimulan di hindi titigil hangang s aking pagsikat at tumulong s mas mhirap salamat sayo sa lahat ng ginawa mu…….

  • ktine23 says:

    kate, pathetic kate…why do you have to do this?and bakit ngayon lang…na patay na siya?it’s so unfair for mr. magallona, he is dead…for sure you’re an obsessed fan or you’re just trying to make a scandal or something. trying hard!!!…i pity you!don’t you have a little RESPECT?no ones gonna buy this…PATHETIC! you should be the one in the grave right now…

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