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Willie Revillame and Shalani Soledad: What’s the score?

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Many previous reports and articles from online news websites have revealed that Willie Revillame is known for his fancy being a generous guy and loves beautiful women around him. But this was never confirmed nor proven although he had been to numerous failed relationships before. Now that he is back with his new show at ABC 5 network, Willing Willie with co-host Shalani Soledad, the rumored girlfriend of president Noynoy Aquino who recently broke up according to reports in the news, there is something that showbiz afficionados smell out of this.

Knowing Willie Revillame, could it be true that he is just biding his time before he starts courting his new Willing Willie co-host, Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad? Well, at least this is what Yahoo News Philippines had to say in reports of new changes in 2010. Let us just see what happens next. Anyway, there really is no problem with this set up. Shalani is very much single and not committed as well as Willie Revillame is.

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2 Responses to “Willie Revillame and Shalani Soledad: What’s the score?”

  • RT says:

    As both Willie and Shalani are willing to have a “professional relationship” as co-hosts in Willing Willie. They is no need to spread rumours nor speculate of what will happen.

    One thing is obvious. Willie is showing us how P-Noy should have treated the lovely Shalani. What if P-Noy had allowed Shalani to hold the bible, to openly wear an engagement ring, to visit Bahay Pengarab often, or he had held her hands on the streets and had announced a Malaccanang wedding date?

    P-Noy must be too dumb to even admit that Shalani is unhappy with their past relationship.
    And he had mercilessly dropped her after Kris made her promise never to “break Noy’s heart”.

  • alice king says:

    Dear Ms. Shalani Solidad marami po kaming nag mamahal saiyo dito sa London
    at pinapanood ka namin araw arwa sa willing willie show. uuwi kami diyan sa pinas parang makita ka namin. ang lahat na pinoy dito sa london nag mamahal saiyo.
    at ni kuya willie. sana mahalin ka niya nang lubusan.

    london group

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