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DFA Function – “Ang Trabaho o Tungkulin ng DFA”

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New DFA Building

new DFA building in Macapagal Boulevard

For most Filipinos, the DFA function (trabaho o tungkulin in Tagalog) is to issue passport but little do Pinoys know, there is more than just the issuance of travel document as part of the job by the Department of Foreign Affairs and their employees as a mandate. It includes the ambassadors their chief, the Foreign Affairs secretary. Albert F. Del Rosario. This Philippine government agency also had so many other purposes and mission to serve the Filipino people as a whole. I will try my best to list down and explain what these functions are in my own opinion as well as based from what you can also find online or from the official DFA website.



  • The biggest mission of the DFA according to their website is “to advance the interests of the Philippines and the Filipino people in the world community”.
  • Make sure to implement the state’s foreign policy and uphold the integrity of the service and pursuit of making sure those policies are duly implemented as mandated by the state’s laws and that they are done with the highest standards of professionalism and commitment.
  • Pursue bilateral, regional and multilateral relations.
  • Build partnerships with national security and development agencies, think-tanks and the academe, the private sector, the media and civil society in the interest of the nation and the people.
  • Endeavor to promote regional and global cooperation in order to achieve peace, prosperity and stability.
  • Work for social justice especially for the poor, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and a democratic way of life in the global arena.
  • Committed to secure a world free from serious environmental degradation, transnational crime and proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  • Missions abroad are the partners of Filipinos overseas in the pursuit of the national interest and in the promotion and protection of their rights and well-being.
  • Make sure to have highly responsive system, which ensures effective delivery of services.
  • Committed to the personal, professional and career development of each employee.
  • Pursuit of our goals, we strive for and live by the principles of excellence, integrity and patriotism.
DFA Passport Application Requirements

DFA Passport Application Requirements


  • To contribute to the enhancement of national security and the protection of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty;
  • To participate in the national endeavor to sustain development and to enhance the Philippines’ competitive edge in a global milieu;
  • To protect the rights and promote the welfare of Filipinos overseas and to mobilize them as partners in national development;
  • To project a positive image of the Philippines;
  • To increase international understanding of Philippine culture for mutually-beneficial relations with other countries; and,
  • To increase and maximize human, financial, technological and other resources to optimize the performance of the Department.

Ridden this year and from last year with controversies surrounding the issue of OFWs in the Middle East being abused and taken advantage by some of the alleged officers, themselves, this shows that within the core of the organization, the DFA is simply corrupt. In my own opinion, a balance and control is not necessary, nor a reshuffle of key employees. What the department needs are people who can be dedicated to serve Pinoys therefore, those who do not deserve doesn’t have to be in the agency at all. They should be totally removed from employment by the government. These people don’t even deserve a second chance knowing that they were traitors to the mandate of the agency and traitors to the Filipino people with whom they are supposed to serve interest of.

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